The Many Faces of Kiteman


Introduction: The Many Faces of Kiteman

About: The following was written when I was about 10, and I'm just going to keep it as it is. i LOVE LONGBOARDING !!!!!!!!!!! My Top 5 ::::::::::: ...

Various pictures of Kiteman that members have made.I dedicate this to (who else?) the one and only..........KITEMAN! If you have any pictures to contribute leave it in a comment and it will be added! You have seen the guide now see all of his disguises!



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    I don't think kiteman would like the 10th picture where he is giving the middle finger. I don't think the last one counts, as it is kitewoman. It is not a disguise of kiteman...

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    he dosent give the middle finger

    Seeing how this comment is a year and a half old, the user removed the picture...

    oh ok

    no he isn't  giving the middle finger i just could only fit 4 fingers on to the hand,i will see if i can try to edit it anyways tho


    We all love Kiteman!

    He kinda looks like that bald kid from that baby show...cuiou or something weird

    Impossible quiz?

    the real kite man is from a bat man comic volume one #133

    lol, the china man kiteman looks like me, except I don't wear glasses and I don't wear the hat and robe-looking clothing. Plus I live in the Philippines and I am not a Naturalized Filipino. I am purely Filipino (sort of). You can say I am a citizen of a former British Colony. At least, that's what I think.  

    You do know Kiteman's wife has an account on here don't you?

    I will definitely be adding this to the guide!