Various pictures of Kiteman that members have made.I dedicate this to (who else?) the one and only..........KITEMAN! If you have any pictures to contribute leave it in a comment and it will be added! You have seen the guide now see all of his disguises!
I don't think kiteman would like the 10th picture where he is giving the middle finger. I don't think the last one counts, as it is kitewoman. It is not a disguise of kiteman...
he dosent give the middle finger
Seeing how this comment is a year and a half old, the user removed the picture...
oh ok
no he isn't  giving the middle finger i just could only fit 4 fingers on to the hand,i will see if i can try to edit it anyways tho
i took kitewoman out too
k i just fixed it all 5 fingers now
We all love Kiteman!
He kinda looks like that bald kid from that baby show...cuiou or something weird
Impossible quiz?
the real kite man is from a bat man comic volume one #133
lol, the china man kiteman looks like me, except I don't wear glasses and I don't wear the hat and robe-looking clothing. Plus I live in the Philippines and I am not a Naturalized Filipino. I am purely Filipino (sort of). You can say I am a citizen of a former British Colony. At least, that's what I think.  
 lol the last one!!! Kitewoman!!!
You do know Kiteman's wife has an account on here don't you?
*Kitewife<br />
I&nbsp;will definitely be adding this to the guide!<br />
<small>(Head in hands)</small><br />
<small>Waves at new stalker.</small><br />
I just finished another one!

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