The Instructables robot, the beloved mascot of Instructables.com has become a symbol of DIY for some, who wish to express their love of making and their appreciation of instructables through it.

These are the many faces of the instructables robot, created by instructable members themselves.
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HMice3 years ago
Hehehe.... LAWL so badly edited, it looks like a monkey....LOL
monsterlego3 years ago
Not the best, but it's Lego. --{O_O}--
Picture 233.jpg
Keith-Kid (author)  monsterlego3 years ago
Haha nice!
SHIFT!4 years ago
Hm, slightly disappointed to see that the Robot didn't get into the game.life video game action. Well here's my contribution:
8 bit instructables robot.jpg
These ones I made for Jayefuu
test 4 .jpgtest 1.jpgtest 3.jpg
Too bad he didn't pick those ones, I like the cyborg one best.
Keith-Kid (author)  The Ideanator4 years ago
Thunderbot o_O
LoneWolf5 years ago
Lol, I love the one by Killerjackalope (6th pic)
Wasagi5 years ago
Instructables Robot Party.gif
Derin6 years ago
robotinphun.jpgrobot.jpgt��rk robot.giftrbot.jpgtr-bot.jpg
Matt21497 Derin6 years ago
The first one is so so beutiful
ReCreate Derin6 years ago
lol Yeah
Yeah,the second has a shirt ripped from...clubpenguin,the ...umm...i think it is the astro barrier shirt. something like that
Yeah It is
hah,i know my stuff.
Me too lol
ha....ah...*falls asleep*
What about me? I may not be the instructables robot, but i'm his brother!
I was thinking about talking to you. Would you mind providing a picture?
Here! As you probably know, I created the Instructables Shadow Robot!
But, I request that you say that this is NOT the instructables Robot, but his brother!
Shadow Ops Square.jpg
No... His brother is Instructables+Robot the original is the Instructables-Robot and now the newest member of the family is the Contest Robot. I think admin might be a robot not sure
Keith-Kid (author)  Arbitror6 years ago
i thought that Instructables-Robot was...
toogers6 years ago
ibles robot.jpg
toogers toogers6 years ago
pease add.
KentsOkay6 years ago
Way awesome!!
ReCreate6 years ago
It looks like you lost yours...
ReCreate6 years ago
id be funny if there was one of the kipkay person pressing the buttons on the instructables robot
you forgot mine!
Keith-Kid (author)  Knex_Gun_Builder6 years ago
Sorry, the only one I saw from you was really small. Yeah, Ill add it later.
goeon6 years ago
instructables 100 dollar bill.png
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
supersaddy6 years ago
heres mine
Keith-Kid (author)  plane phanatic6 years ago
Flumpkins6 years ago
The last one!!
kelseymh6 years ago
You know, if you had created this a couple of weeks ago, maybe you could have submitted it in toto for Eric's wall :-)
kelseymh6 years ago
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