The Marauder's Map


Introduction: The Marauder's Map

About: Hi my name is Jacob and I enjoy making stuff. I don't create much any more but I might in the future. Also keep in mind most of the work here was put up nearly four years ago and at the time I was in middle...

heres a Marauder's Map i made over the summer. i used pictures from the movie to make an exact model. Hope you like it!!



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    a good first draft

    2 suggestions

    1 use a felt tip marker to draw the lines it will look like it was done with a quil pen

    2 soak it in tea to give it an aged look

    3 replies

    singe the sides with a match?

    me made 1 toooo! and made it look old!

    If you made a better one would you mind posting instructions as an instructible??

    how did you fold the paper and what does it look like all unfolded!!! ive been trying to make a detailed one and yours is so good!