The Marauders Map





Introduction: No. 1

1. Print out your map on a sheet of 8.5x11" parchment paper.

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This is not your friend's father's project either. I created the folding design, I drew the map by hand, and it has been on my website with complete instructions since 2006. Anyone is free to download my map & instructions from my website as long as it is for their own personal non-commercial use, but I don't appreciate anyone posting my content like this without my permission. Thanks to the anonymous instructables reader who let me know about this.


Britta, would you make an instructable of your map (Yes I know that this is a link to YOUR instructions, but I love Instructables so I would love to find yours here. Heading over to your web site now.

I made a Marauder's map for a Harry Potter party. It was of our house and I printed it on some nicely yellowy parchment.

We made footprint paths on it that led to prizes. The footprints were made with a little rubber stamp of a foot and UV stamp ink. The UV stamp ink is a very light greenish-yellow in regular light, but you can't really see it on the yellow parchment. Then, we used KaptinScarlet's magic wand 'ible of the UV wand and made wands for everyone. The party goers had to use their wands to find the prizes.

It was really fun.

what a fantastic way to really step it up... Gotta try that

I have used this map many times with my kids, so much fun and looks amazing!

I solemnly swear, I am (always) up to no good!


This isn´t your work. It´s a link to some other persons work. Shame on you!

it says u can get the instructions from the website at the top and he was just putting it on instructibles so others would know about it young grasshopper -fred and george A.K.A i like cheese

You should read brittadotcom´s comment further down on this. And above all it says: The Marauders Map "by" Olivander, It dosn´t say "my link to someone elses work"

How can I print it?!?!?!?!?!