The Marble Wallet - Anti-theft Device





Introduction: The Marble Wallet - Anti-theft Device

Ok, i made this a few years ago, and recently re-found it.
The idea behind the concept, was that if mugged, when the mugger says 'Give me your wallet!' you can actually give the mugger your wallet, clean round the face.

The construction was simple, i bought a set of marble floor mosaic tiles from my local diy store. I seperated the smal squares, the stuck them together using super glue into a rough wallet shape. I then Stuck the two sides onto a piece of leather, then added two side pockets to hold notes.



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    On search for a slim and minimalist wallet I cam across this and it made me cuckle. It's a brilliant idea, even though its the exact opposit of what I'm searching for.

    Does it amaze anybody that no one commented about what a pain it would be to carry that much weight?

    Gun wallet: when opened, it becomes an ak-47 which shoots him automatically

    TARDIS wallet: When they open the wallet, it disappears and appearers your back pocket. Bonus: It's bigger in the inside, so it can hold more money/cards.

    Sharks! Sharks with frickin' lasers on their heads!

    did anyone else notice like 90% of the comments are people with [PRO] 

    now i do

    I was thinking of a wallet containing a flash capacitor and some pieces of metal with a covert switch then when you get mugged , secretly turn on the switch and give the mugger a surprise! Just don't shock yourself!=D

    Black hole wallet! You throw it at them and our area of space is swallowed in the huge mass of a black hole!