Picture of The Mario Kart Wii Guide By Fishfrog27    Part 4
Banana cup. Fruity.......
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Step 1: N64 Sherbet Land.

Picture of N64 Sherbet Land.
Mk 4 023.JPG
Mk 4 024.JPG
1 tip in many places for this track.

Step 2: GBA Shy Guy Beach.

Picture of GBA Shy Guy Beach.
Mk 4 026.JPG
Mk 4 027.JPG
Wow! The graphics on this course looks like a paint brush has been given to a squirrel....

Step 3: DS Delfino Square.

Picture of DS Delfino Square.
Mk 4 029.JPG
Mk 4 030.JPG
Mk 4 031.JPG
Mk 4 032.JPG
Mk 4 033.JPG
Fun with a unique jump.

Step 4: GCN Waluigi Stadium.

Picture of GCN Waluigi Stadium.
Mk 4 035.JPG
Mk 4 037.JPG
Fun stage...With easy shortcuts.

Step 5: Thank you.

Thanks for viewing part 4! Be sure to check out part 5!
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