Picture of The Martians are Here!!! The Martians are Here!!!
Credit to Jean-Louis Naudin ( ) and Geoff Hatton

Made from cardstock, mylar and a 'used' RC motor assembly, this flying saucer is moderately easy to build and fun for experimenting and creating UFO sightings in your neighborhood!
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Step 2: Cut tabs for support members

Picture of Cut tabs for support members
Cut tabs and alternate folding left and right to support outer skin

Step 4: Skin the saucer

Picture of Skin the saucer
Skin your flying saucer with mylar foil in alternating silver and gold, clear, etc. Use rubber cement to join the mylar to the support tabs. This is the most difficult part of the assembly!  1/2" wide clear tape along the seams will help make the cover smooth.  (If you use a big enough motor you can use card stock for the skin and avoid wrinkle issues you may have with mylar!)

Step 5: Install motor and propeller assembly

Picture of Install motor and propeller assembly
Install your motor/propeller assembly atop the solid paper circle with the propeller extending above the framework. Mount with clear adhesive tape and/or glue. Install a circular 'duct' above the 'saucer' to direct air downward. There should be space between the bottom of the duct and the saucer 'skin' as well as between the duct and propeller tips. (doh!)

Step 7: Test fly your saucer

Picture of Test fly your saucer
Test the saucer and make adjustments as necessary adding 'rudders' to control rotation and/or left/right elevator control. (This will require a larger motor/propeller assembly to handle the extra weight of servo and control assembly but should be doable,)