This is picture guide to aid people building the Mary Kay dollhouse from dollhousedesigns.com. The plans were designed by Jon Lash. This project took me about 1 month to complete and was completed during my holidays from college for my niece. 

Check out the video, but I encourage you to read through the steps.

My sister is taking pictures of the finished product for me ( i forgot to take some before handing it over to my niece). I will add them as soon as I receive them!

I hope you enjoyed.

Step 1: Lay Out and Cutting.

The materials and lay out dimensions are outlined in the plans provided at http://dollhousedesigns.com/MaryKay.html
It is worth the extra time to ensure that you measure everything precisely, as everything that follows relies on this.
<p>this is an amazing gift I would of loved to get one of these</p>
<p>wow cool!!!!!!</p>
Wow I just love it, you did a great job!!!!!! CONGRATS for sticking with it I would have probably thrown it away with the first hard part but you kept pressing on!!!! Tell Mom she has AWESOME COLOR choices and your niece is very BLESSED TO HAVE A UNCLE AS SWEET AND CARING AS YOU !!!!
Ooooh, I love it!
Thank you!

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