This short instructable explains/shows how me and the kids made a easier/ cheaper version of scoochmaroos "Scary Mask". But obviously not as well made and professional as the original version.

Step 1: Shape the Mask

Soak (newspaper) paper in glue (non toxic wood glue) mixed with some water. 1+1 mixture worked for us. Start shaping your mask by using the wet paper porridge. In our case we were very inspired by scoochmaroos scary mask from 2008.
It helps if you start on a face shaped foundation. In our case a 4 USD basic white paper mask from a hobby store.

Kind of hard to explain the way we made it. But the nose is basically a lump of paper porridge shaped into a pointy nose. Eyebrows are strings of paper porridge. Eyes made of a pingpong ball. teeth are just the "backside" of wavy cardboard.

I finished it of by applying (with my fingers) some white silicone to get a smoother finish, as the face otherwise will have an uneven surface.

Finish of with a few layers of even spray paint. Or any white colour. I did paint it black first, just to get an even colour when applying the white- not sure its neccessary.

Step 2: Painting

Well.... At this stage it is very useful to use a picture as inspiration on which colours to use. And where.

As I said before, I basically used the design from scoochmaroos brilliant and scary mask (2008) that you can find on Instructables. Search for Scary Mask.

Step 3: Add a Hat

So... now you just add your paper hat. Painted red in this case. Glue it onto the mask. Voila!

Be careful when using it though. Some people found it to scary. Mostly adults.
<p>I LOVE IT!!!!! </p><p>More adults than kids found my mask scary too. Now it's just a permanent fixture in my living room. Mostly people are impressed that it's actually wearable and not just a really weird curio I keep.</p>
<p>THANKS! We enjoyed making it!</p><p>I am thinking of using ours as a burglar deterent by hanging it so it's visible as they enter the door... Although, it might scare away guests as well... and mother in laws. Hmm... I will have to use it on a case by case basis.</p>

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