This a Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Twiligt Princess, i made out of Knex, and then covered it with about 5 layers of metal tape, and then covered the handle with blue tape. Enjoy :)

PS: im in the process of making the Hylian shield the same way i made this
<p>I wish we could actually see the sword...</p>
wowzowzerz thats supurcalafragilisticespialadochus (no that wasn't just a bunch of <br>words read it more carefully)<br>
yous gone and spelled it wrong. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. :) if you want to double check find the original Broadway song.
lol <br>
&nbsp;I know of a store that is about 10 miles away from where i live that is selling a real metal/ wood replica&nbsp;
Oh lucky
i think its better to make it <br>
Can u plz post this sword. If not plz tell me what knex sword u used...what is the name of it? Thanks :D <br>
nice!<br />
thanks :)
no problem!<br />
im working on the hylian shield right now
cool<br />
well i made it out of knex and covered it with metal tape so it would be nice and hard and next im gonna buy blue tape and cover the&nbsp;parts that are suposd to be blue, blue and i have the yellow parts covered but i cant figure out how im gonna do the red bird thing
red duct tape :P
kool<br />
Wow, it looks like... not good.
Yeah I figured that out when you posted that last comment. And I didnt expect everyone to like it but this is the best I could do with what I had
here 1s are nothing and 5s are some thing get it?<br><br>5555555555555551111511111<br>5111111111111111115551111<br>5111111111111111111511111<br>5111111111111111111111111<br>5555555555551111111111111<br>1111111111115111111111111<br>1111111111111511111111111<br>1111111111111511111111111<br>1111111111111511111111111<br>1111111111115111111111111<br>5555555555551111111111111
i think you have to much time on your hands
yes i do......
Gah! The Proportions are WAY off!!
glad you like it
Thanks, its pretty fun but i dont swing it to hard r the blade could break off the handle since theres more tape on it
yeah im planning on making the Hylian shield next
yep probably the same way with knex and tape
It shouldn't be to hard.
unless i run out of tape
I see you found the metal tape! How is that working for you?<br />
Good, i put it on my gunblade yesterday and on my keyblade. I also saw your new gunblade its really good

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