Picture of The MaterBater Pollinator

Do you maters seem to be getting smaller? Are there fewer of them than there used be? Are they mushy or just plain ugly? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need a MaterBater Tomato Blossom Pollinator.




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Step 1: There's Always More Than One Way To Do It

Picture of There's Always More Than One Way To Do It
I realize there are many ways to manually pollinate a mater plant. The most common is to use an electric toothbrush. That is fine and dandy if you want to do it that way. You could also do like the man in the picture. He is using a  vibrating solenoid powered by a lantern battery. My little MaterBater would be worn out before I got through doing all the mater plants he has got. However, I only have a few to do so the MaterBater works great. Also, I am one of those people that find great satisfaction in building something myself rather than buying it. If you are like that too, then the MaterBater may be just the thing for you.

Step 2: Why A MaterBater?

Picture of Why A MaterBater?

You may have a mater problem and not even know it. Are your's getting smaller, softer, fewer and uglier? The problem could be your maters are not getting enough sex. That's right. I said sex. Perhaps a little biology refresher will help. Flowers are the sex organs of plants. In order to be fruitful and multiply, the flower's pollen needs to find its way into the ovary. This is not usually a problem as Mother Nature has her ways and is quite good at what she does. However, sometimes people get in the way and mess stuff up. Maters originated in Peru. Once they were discovered people took a liking to them and hauled them all over the world. That's where the problem started. People took the maters home with them, but they left the bees that pollinated them back in Peru. The result was severe decrease in the yields of maters outside of Peru. 

Lunarius2 years ago
I love this! I'll be making one to insure that the plants I bag to avoid cross-pollination still get properly pollinated! Thank you so much for sharing!
calskin3 years ago
Your title made me read this, and then giggle a few times through it. Thanks for sharing. I'm growning my first tomato plants right now and this is very helpful for me.
rimar20003 years ago
Great instructable, interesting matter. Thanks for sharing it.
An awesome, simple solution. Good explanation too!