Step 5: Strengthening fingernails

Picture of Strengthening fingernails
There is jazzercise for cardiovascular health, spinning for aerobic exercise, and weight training for your biceps, but what about your nails? How can you improve your chalkboard attention grabber without pulling nails out like a new hire in the gulags?

Try dipping your nails into a mayo bath. Soak your nails, cuticles, and the rest of your fingertip in some mayonnaise. Then rinse. Voila! Stronger nails. You'll be opening bottles and clamshell packaging bare-handed from now on.

maltesergr83 years ago
All these great uses for mayonnaise... Since I can't stand it's taste, now I know what it's really made for!

Sawowie XD4 years ago
ive been trying to strengthen my nails for ages, thankyou