The Maze





Introduction: The Maze

Whether you're looking to expand your consciousness or just your puzzle collection then this maze is for you. The Maze is a prop from the recent Westworld TV Series.

The manufacture is relatively simple, the important thing I'm sharing here are the files that helped me create this maze.

The walls of the maze were laser cut from 12mm thick poplar plywood and the lids were cut from 1.5mm birch plywood. The wood was stained with oak wood stain to make it a darker colour.

The "Pigs in Clover" label was scaled up from a screen capture and printed in colour then stuck to the top lid with PVA glue.

The whole puzzle is scaled for a 9.5mm ball bearing.



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    Rather than print the design off and then stick it on with PVA why not print the design directly onto the wood with a sublimation press?

    4 minutes@200C is enough to bleed into Plywood and the results are great. It would give it a great 'wild west sign' feel of wear and tear.

    I think that is a fantastic idea, I've not enquired as to how much that would cost because sublimation printers are still a bit few and far between.

    hey .. i've just mailed you .. i've been looking for the pigs and clover label for a week and i still cant finde that imagen .. :( would you please send me the file ? its for a present .. and i really want to do it .. :(

    The pigs in clover label is inside the svg shared in the instructable