The ultimate in nerdy Christmas trees: a small tree made from old, obsolete memory modules. Everyone who ever built or upgraded a computer has some of these laying around, and as they get old and too low-capacity to be of any use, they lose all purpose. But it's hard to throw something out that still works, isn't it?

Since they are mostly green, and have nice shiny copper strips or pins, they're perfect for a Christmas tree. And don't we all want a Christmas that's made of good memories? There you go! *badum-tishhh*

I made this at my local hackerspace: Hack42 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Kids, remember to eat your veggies and support your local hackerspace!

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials

You'll need:
- Lots of old memory modules, any kind; how many you need depends on the height of the tree. But I'd say you need at least 30. Different lengths is okay
- Floral foam. I used two blocks
- Some wood
- A metal rod or pipe. Doesn't have to be pretty, as it's not visible
- Hot glue
- Nails
- Some pretty shinies to decorate the tree. Old harddisk platters, HD reading heads, rings, various components, or anything that's shiny and seems suitable
- Copper or iron wire

- a drill
- a hammer
- a knife
- a hot glue gun
- some pliers for cutting and bending wire
Briljante Gelderse uitvinding. Leuk hoor streekgenoot ;) <br> <br>(No, was not planning something evil, just a person from the same county)
Ha ha that's brilliant.
Thank you! I had fun making it. The pictures aren't great, but you can still see how I did it.

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Bio: I like to tinker. I'm a co-founder and active participant of my local hackerspace: Hack42 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. You can also find me ... More »
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