The Merry Mole Repellent (and a Sad One)





Introduction: The Merry Mole Repellent (and a Sad One)

Although moles are important and mostly beneficial parts of an ecosystem, they can be seen as pests when they invade your yard, dig out your vegetables, mess up your lawn or devour your children, oh, actually they tend not to do that last part. You can get rid of them in various ways, but the end result is usually killing them with traps, poison or dynamite.

As moles are a protected species in most of Europe's countries, the method I'm going to present is non-lethal, low cost, much fun and potentially well known, in some regions, in a form or other, so let's begin:

Step 1: The Theory

Science, oh, sorry.... legend says that if you bury a glass bottle in the mole hill, leaving just the neck out, the wind will create a low pitched whistling sound when it blows over the exposed mouth (due to the difference of pressure inside the bottle and the outside environment). This sound and the vibrations emitted by the bottle then propagate trough the mole's burrow stressing him so much that he eventually gets fed up and leaves in search of a tranquil place. Just imagine your next door neighbor getting high and blasting ghetto music at full volume, 24 hours a day for five days straight, that's how the mole feels, except he can't call the police (or PETA).

Step 2: The Practice

Acquiring the materials:

Nothing simpler than this: go to your favorite store and buy some, I meant lots, of your favorite beer, just remember: buy the ones in glass bottles, not plastic, not cans, glass bottles.

Preparing the repellents:

Carefully empty the bottles using your digestive system.

Setting up the repellents:

When the bottle is empty, double check, find a mole hill and place the bottle in the hole in the middle of the hill, shove it as deep as you can, but leave the neck and mouth exposed.

Yes, I know its hard work, go have a beer.

Strength in numbers:

For this method to be efficient you need to set up as much repellents as you can, so keep repeating the above steps until you run out of beer, land or balance, then go have a beer.

Step 3: Disclaimer

It has been scientifically proven that setting up too many mole repellents can cause loss of balance, vertigo, sudden realization that she didn't love you anyway, uncontrollable crying because those moles might have kids and now they're cold and homeless, texting your ex, loss of short term memory and hopefully a blackout.

If you are a minor, in most parts of the world, you are not allowed to set up mole repellents, actually in some parts you are not allowed to do so regardless of your age, so make sure to check out the local legislation before you set out and repel moles.

Do not, under any circumstances, set up mole repellents then/and drive, seriously. Find out more on

Side note:

Some sources argue that this method is not as effective as just straight out killing the moles and I can't scientifically refute it, however, my neighbor said that since he started repelling moles this way 20 years ago and replaces the old repellents with new ones at least seven times a week, there is not one bothersome mole hill left on his lawn... I mean they're there, but they just don't seem to bother him anymore.

Step 4: + One Method for the Morally Incorruptible

I heard that there are people out there who do not consume beer, although it's hard to even imagine such specimens exist within the Homo genus, above (in the pictures) is an alternative method using plastic soda or water bottles, the theory is basically the same, the practice is, however, 0 fun.

Thanks for reading on, I just made 3 brand new repellents whilst writing this article.


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    19 Discussions

    Relatives mine and older small farmers used the bottles to drive away the moles as well, which
    supposedly worked, but they buried the bottles upside down to keep them
    from filling with rain or water from watering the crops. I think the
    reason behind this technique was that the bottles create an echo of the
    very sound of the mole and lead it to believe that it was the sound of
    another competing mole so that it moves away in the opposite direction.. if it does not work or not, I dont have idea. But the ultrasonic mole repellers are not ultrasonic repellers :P

    What??? No! You should replace it with a new one ;)

    To those who don't drink beer, glass soda bottles should do the same thing. Plus you get to drink soda. Nice instructable.

    Repelling moles is a great excuse to drink more beer - Thanks!

    I don't care if this works or not, it was genuinely fun just reading!

    i don't drink beer, but it's ok, there's no mole around my garden ^^

    3 replies

    LOL i wish there would be some, or at least a hedgehog so they could stop the slugs infestation XD


    2 years ago

    Awesome! Great sense of humor and just a nice one.

    Although we live in the city, we are fortunate enough to have a large enough yard for a good sized veggie garden. We have had moles for the past few years and will have to try this. We won't be too tortured emptying the beers either!!

    Although we live in the city, we are fortunate enough to have a large enough yard for a good sized veggie garden. We have had moles for the past few years and will have to try this. We won't be too tortured emptying the beers either!!

    I'd like to make an arrangement with the moles in my garden since I'm not allowed to kill them. But they still refuse to sign the contract for moving to the neighbor's garden xD

    3 replies

    Just try pressuring them with "low pitched whistling sounds". ;)

    I'll try that when spring has broken. But without wind it will probably not work. The wind is only above the trees that surround the garden.

    Indeed, none of the above repellents work without wind.

    we get 10 cents a beer bottle in Ontario, so I'd like to know more about the sad repellant. Does it make noise? Do you think it'll work on squirrels or raccoons?

    Fun instructable!

    1 reply

    It does make a monotonous, not too loud, but still annoying sound. I think it would work until they get used to it, but I'm pretty sure that it'll drive you nuts faster :p