The Metal Origami Man (MOM)


Introduction: The Metal Origami Man (MOM)

About: I love to make things and I am always trying to think of new things to make :)

I made this metal man from thick sheet metal (aluminium) using ideas from origami. I made many paper prototypes before hand to decide which design would work best for this final sculpture. He is made of 3 separate parts which I soldered together (the upper body, the stomach and the lower body), the rest (head , arms, legs etc.) has all been folded (and hammered) as if it was paper (I can tell you it certainly did not feel like paper when I was doing it :)). This guy stands at about 50 centimetres tall and is very bright - while in the sun ;). It was a tough but fun build :).



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    How neat, had no idea you could do something like this with sheet metal. :D

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    Thanks, to be honest I didn't know whether it would work at first either :)