Step 10: Attach the front frame and skin.

Picture of Attach the front frame and skin.
skinned frame (Medium).png
front end with top cap (Medium).png
002 (Medium).JPG
003 (Medium).JPG
Attach the front frame with 4 small brackets as shown in illustration.

Use tape measure and measure the front surface of the curved ribs on front frame.  Take this measurement as well as the height of bottom to top and this will be the size of front skin. 

Apply wood glue to the surface of the three ribs.  Now starting from either left or right side line up skin to edge of ribs.  Place some screws in to begin the wrap around attachment.  Once you have a few screws in, start to push the skin in against the ribs and place more screws in.   Continue this process all the way to the other side until you have attached the skin.  The 1/4 plywood should be pliable enough to wrap well.  

You now have two narrow strips left to skin.  The two sides where the ribs attach to frame.  Should be 1.5 inches wide by 27 inches long.  Finish this and you are now done with outer skin.

Take the piece of 3/4"x12"x44.5" and cut the pre-traced arc out.  Now you will have to notch the two inner sides to fit around the wall frame.  See illustration for final look of top cap.

Attach this piece to top of front end with about half inch overhang.  This is the dashboard.

Measure, horizontally, across the front of the skinned front end.  Add 1 inch to this length and cut a 2"x3" this length, this gives you about half inch overhang on each side.  This will be the bumper.  About every 1.5 to 2.5 inches you will be making cuts  approximately 1" in depth. (See picture.) This will allow you to bend the 2"x3".  Find the center on the front end and the piece of 2"x3". Use these center marks to line up the bumper.  Glue and screw the bumper in place.