Step 2: Materials

Overall cost of the bed was just over $500, sans the mattress.  It seems like a lot, but any store bought bunk beds are close to this price, and often times higher.  I did find a couple online sites selling a "VW" bunk bed.  These ran from $1200 for one style, and $2800 for the other.  And to put it as humbly as I can, they are not as nice as this one.  :)

All materials can be purchased from most any home store.  The only items not purchased from the home store are the VW accents. They can be found online, auto parts stores, and at local junkyards.

"Measurements in inches and feet"

   5 sheets of 4'x8' 1/4 inch plywood.  I used a premium floor underlayment.  The price was really good and of durable quality.
   (These are for outer skin.)
   2 sheets of 4'x8' 3/4 inch MDF or plywood.  (In my project I used 1/2 inch thick and needed to add extra bracing underneath it. I would definitely use 3/4 inch for better stability and less bracing.)
   (These are for the floors of top and bottom bases.)
   11 sticks of 3/4"x4' dowels.
   (These are for the safety railing/faux cargo rack.)
   7 pieces of 1"x2"x8' firring strips.
   (These are for safety railing/fuax cargo rack.)
   3 pieces 1"x3"x8' firring strips.
   (These are for the ladder.)
   9 pieces of 2"x2"x8' firring strips.
   (These are for the frames of doors and safety rail/faux cargo rack.)
   2 pieces of 2"x6"x8' studs.
   (These are for ribs of curved front end.)
   12 - 14 pieces of 2"x3"x8' studs.  The amount is dependent on how much bracing you are comfortable with. 
   (These are for the majority of all the framing.)
   1 piece of 4"x4"x4' post.  Some home stores will cut this for you.  If not, a full 6 or 8 foot stick may need to be bought.
   4, pre-cut 16" diameter, 3/4 inch thick plywood circles.  Some home stores sell these.  Otherwise you will have to cut your own.
   1 piece of 3/4"x12"x44.5" pine board.  Try to get a nice knot-free piece here.
   1 box of drywall screws.
   1 box of 2" deck screws.
   1 box of 2.5" deck screws.
   1 small box of 3.5" deck screws.
   4, 1/4 inch x 3" carriage bolts.
   4, 1/4 inch washers.
   4, 1/4 inch nuts.
   4 hinges for the doors
   *12 "L" brackets 4"x4" These can be found in the door and hinge section of Home stores.
   *12 "L" brackets 1"x1" These can be found in the Home store area that contains framing hardware, such as hurricane straps.

* Pictures supplied in The Wall Frames step of this instructables.  
   Jigsaw and/or Band-saw if available.  (Wishlist for me)
   Power drill
   Countersink bit
   Compound miter saw
   Table saw, if available
   Hand sander and sand paper
   Wood filler
   Paints of whatever color you prefer
   Clamps for when you need that 3rd or 5th hand to hold pieces up.

   Steering Wheel
   Pin striping
   Little decals and stick-ons.
<p>hi Uptonb great job it looks fab. I'm interested in building it for my son. Is the full instruction on the 14 steps or do I sign up the to premium and download the PDFs? Thanks</p>
<p>Many thanks.</p><p>I've posted your instructable Microbus on french website dedicated to wood maker.</p>
<p>Hello Uptonb,</p><p>Many thanks for inspiring me. You instruction help did make me start to build my own bus bed for my 4 year old son. Of course I did input my own thoughts.</p><p>And yes : Such a good feeling after many, many hours of labour. AND Fun!!.</p><p>Thanks again for your input,</p><p>Patrick</p>
<p>great bed... love to see this... instruction available for this bed ?</p>
<p>Great ideas for a micro bus bed and play area.</p>
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<p>bud this is one sweet bed / play area real impressed love it </p>
<p>im a 11 y/o diy expert. You inspired me to make this. Keep up the ha</p>
<p>this is so cool!!! I would have loved this as a kid!!!</p>
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I made this but it's still not done but I loved the build pics thank you very much for the instructions
I'm looking for someone that builds kits I guess for a bedroom. I want it to be just like an old VW WITH THE DOOR OPEN AND YOU CAN EE THE BED THAT TAKES UP ALL THE SPACE. BASIICALY A QUEEN BED. MO TIRES NOTHING THAT IS REAL EXCEPT THE FIXTURES LIKE THE WINDSHIELD WIPERS , side view mirrors VW emblem in the front , ect. I have a picture of one that someone sent me but can't remember the site it came from. Can you help me?
<p>This is awesome!! I'm now trying to persuade my kids to have more grandkids just so I can build one!! :-) Mind you I'll also have to get them to relocate from UK to NZ</p>
<p>This is the bomb!!! Used to own a VW Transporter. We are downsizing and building a retirement home. The bonus room is being customized for the grandkids. We have five 3yrs old and younger. Yesterday, hired an Amish craftsman to build this. Thank you! Thank you! for sharing. I'm painting it the same color as our original. </p>
<p>Although technically the 1st gen. ChevyVan (1964-1966) is probably a more accurate model, itself inspired by the VW bus, can you say, &quot;Turtle Van&quot;?<br><br>*getting ideas....this may be more feasible than restoring a rare 1964 ChevyVan*</p>
wow amazing
Wow sooooooo!! Coooool!!!!!!
Amazing, my little hippy son Jude's jaw dropped!
Incredible. Genius. <br>I hope you win the Shopbot. This deserves it. I wish everyone would include sketchup (or any) plans of their cool ideas to truly be sharing them and not just showing off. <br>I vote for this as the best thing I've seen on Instructables all year.
wow this very very very cool most kids whould love you for this cool concept its a very cool idear from an ex coach lorry truck van builder i may make some of theasa in the uk if thers a market
wow this very very very cool most kids whould love you for this cool concept its a very cool idear from an ex coach lorry truck van builder i may make some of theasa in the uk if thers a market
Truely Awesome !
Just have to add my own voice to the show of admiration. Looks great! <br>
My wife and I loved your design so much I built one for my son. I'm almost finished but I'm having trouble finding the right size headlights. I was wondering if you could tell me what you used? You can email me at bsemrinec@yahoo.com. Thank you and thanks for posting your awsome design.
Awesome! :D
Hi, what a great idea and design. It looks great all assembled.
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Cool. I would have loved something like this as a kid. Even now it is tempting.
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Good morning,<br><br>This is great project!! I'm sure it will become an heirloom to be passed from one generation to another..<br><br>I too own a VW bus, but have no little ones to build this bed for. May I have permission to share these plans with the members of type2.com? They are a worldwide group of bus owners who share ideas and help each other with bus related problems. Type 2 is the designation VW gave to the bus's engine.<br><br>Thanks,<br><br>Bob
Thank you. <br><br>Of course you can share the bed plans. I hope the group you are a part of enjoys it.
GREAT!!!! thanks.
Good luck in the next 24 hours , we will find out soon , 20 finalists 13 prizes , cool
Thanks. The anticipation is a killer, eh? Glad I don't have to choose a winner in the contest. Some really good 'ibles.<br><br>Good luck to you as well.
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BEST idea EVER!!!!! &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 This!!!!!!! I &lt;3 VW's
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That's very nice, thank you.
Excelente trabajo!! Muy original, muy bien pensado y sumamente pr&aacute;ctico para los ni&ntilde;os!!<br>Realmente te felicito y por supuesto que voy a votar por este proyecto!

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