Step 5: Front curved frame

Picture of Front curved frame
front end (Medium).png
front end front side (Medium).png
The main aspect of this build that determines the uniqueness of the VW Micro-bus is the rounded front end.  This is actually not too hard to accomplish.  I did my curve free hand.  If you can find a compass large enough or something to use as a pattern, please feel free.

Cut 3, 44 inch length pieces from the 2"x6" studs.  see the first picture to show how to draw the arc.
Use a jigsaw and cut the arc out of this wood.  Use the arc to trace onto the remaining two 44" pieces.  Clamp the 3 pieces together and sand the curves until each are identical with each other.
Use one of these as a template also to trace the same arc on the piece of 3/4"x12"x44" piece to be used later as the top cap of the front end. 

Pre-cut materials are...

3, 44 inches long 2"x6"
2, 39 inches long 2"x2"
2, 23.75 inches long 2"x3"
1, 44 inches long 2"x3"
2, 10 7/8 inches long 2"x3" for bracing the arcs

Use the pictures provided for the layout and assemble.  Place screws anywhere you feel is appropriate for strength.
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