Introduction: The Midnight Meet (using Pixlr)

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This image has been edited in terms of colour quality , saturation, contrast, etc. Image adjustments have also been made to certain added features in the final picture. Keeping in mind the theme of halloween, everything involves darker shades and hues.

Step 1: Original Picture

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This is the original picture. To make the picture more spooky I have used the adjustment tab and played around with the saturation and contrast tabs. i have increased the blue and green tinges for the spookiness.

Step 2: Edit 1

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since witches have always been an important part of Halloween i have added witches flying on their broomsticks coming to the midnight meet. The witches were taken from a different photo and added to this using the magic wand tool and copying and pasting. 

Step 3: Edit 2

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i have now added two skeletons hanging from the tree using the wand tool and lasso tools respectively....i have also added another skeleton leaning against the tree, using the same tool..

Step 4: Edit 3

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i now add a cat on the fence using the same tools as before along with the banshees and the  devil with his staff

Step 5: Edit 4

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I have now added a coffin and some bats along with the ghosts for the spookiness.

Step 6: Edit 5

Picture of Edit 5

to complete the effects i have used the burn tool and adjustment tabs to give the begging skeleton a slightly darker colour and the added some houses in the background to give a close to civilisation feel..the graves and tombstones have also been added.


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-09-19

Nice job :) I love the color you turned the sky!

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