Picture of The Mighty Mosquito Coil Holder.
This great boon to all humanity grew out of the frustration with using the conventional mosquito coil "stake" holders.

Firstly - they are a prick to use.

Many coils do not have the mounting slot pressed properly into them - meaning you have to force the coils onto the stakes - usually bending the "mounting spike" on the holder.

The design of the stake holders, makes it hard to pick up the coil and stake, and either place them somewhere or move them from room to room.

If you stick the coil and stake on a plate to catch all the ash, they have a real tendenncy to tip over when you do move them.

That said, I got sick of the "bottom dollar" bullshit design, and came up with a permanent solution to the holding, use and transportation of mosquito coils.
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Step 1: The Dreaded Slit for Poking with the Pedestal

Picture of The Dreaded Slit for Poking with the Pedestal
Many of the coils do not come with the slot properly pressed into the cake, and the stake mounting system is pretty awful anyway.

Step 2: The beastly mounting.

Picture of The beastly mounting.
The stake is too light, too flimsy and the base is too small making the mounted coil unstable, when moved, or trying too.

Step 3: The Solution of the Century - The Bulldog or Folding Clip

Picture of The Solution of the Century - The Bulldog or Folding Clip
Works like a charm.

Easy to clip onto the coil.


It has handles, so you can pick up and move the coil.

It's reasonably steady, and a bit heavier than the steel foil stand, that came with the coils.

And it lasts a life time.
crochead2 years ago
Not a bad idea, it does the job, it’ll burn the mozzie coil right up to where the bulldog clip is clamping the coil. If you want to burn the whole mosquito coil it just won’t work a bit like using a peg, doesn’t stand up on its base because of the roundness at the end of the bull dog clip and by not holding the center you need to be watching the mozzie coil burn. A peg just falls over because it’s pivot point has been designed for a different use.

I though you might be interested in this……………….
Once you’ve used a crochead mosquito coil holder, you’ll never go back to any silly little tin thing, our neat little mozzie coil holder holds broken bits effortlessly, stands, hangs or lays on it’s side. Each crochead coil holder is handmade from stainless steel in Tropical Far North Queensland by a locally owned and operated small family business.

Our customers tell us they now break their mozzie coils on purpose because you’re never really outside for 5 to 8 hrs. Also they do make good business card holders too.

Check out our youtube video here -
And our website too -
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crochead1 year ago
Thanks, it's my wonderful father's invention and it's a hit up here in the Far North.
We have customers tell us they break their mozzie coils on purpose now they have one of our neat little crochead coil holders.
They make great business card holders too.
I'd be happy to send you one, just email an address to post it to.