Step 3: The Armor

I rarely use sewing patterns. I'm too impatient. Instead, I rely on tracing the sections of existing clothing onto my material and then size the garment during assembly. In this case, I used a pair of my son's slightly baggy slacks and long-sleeve shirt as my "patterns" for the armor's sleeves and leggings. I spent a littl mre than I'd budgeted on the sequined fabric, so I only bought enough to make leggings and sleeves (not a full- shirt). Since the blue tunic covers most of the armor, this worked out fine.

I also sewed a series of padded muscles from some of the sleeping bag's filling and the scrap white cloth to make my Thor mightier. Then, I sewed them onto the pair of sweat pants and shirt I'd bought at the thrift store. The fit of the leggings and mail sleeves over these was snug, but acceptable.

I finished off the look of the mail sleeves by sewing a pair of wrist bands. Instead of hook-and-loop tape (my usual closure of choice), I opted to sew a short leather strap and friction buckle to keep the straps closed. The leather and buckle added just the right amount of detail and "finish" to the armor.
Thank you! No i'll just up size it for my size! :D Watch out Cosplayers! your eyes will get thor of watching me >:)
<p>hahaha!!! i get it!!</p>
OMG that was amazing especially love the helmet and hammer!!!
Cool man, your kid is awesome, I try mi best , but i see you spend so much time and $$$..than me...good to know that somebody else likes the mighty thor...
Well, I saw your's and was very impressed. You&nbsp;definitely&nbsp;beat me in effect per dollar. I like how you used the bottom of soda cans as the medallions on yours. Very inventive. If I were doing mine over, I'd look into something like that for mine as well.
Hi there Would u pls vote for my entry ...?<br>http://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Belt-No-sew/<br>thnks
Great instructable. Although, perhaps you should have based it on the old Norse/Germanic version rather than a Marvel comic? I think the vikings knew a good deal more about Thor than a comic book artist. Bah, I'm ranting.<br />
You're right. It's a fine line to walk - kinda like when somebody goes as SpongeBob SquarePants. I mean, are they going as the cartoon character or the historical SpongeBob? :)
Haha, nice one.<br />
While the vikings probably did know more&nbsp; about Thor,&nbsp; I'm thinking the comic character scored more &quot;cool points&quot; on the playground. Awesome costume!<br />
&nbsp;Congrats man, you win. That&acute;s the way to make an ible. I have to work strongger to beat you next year ( jus t kiddn), but i have to work harder and nicest. Best wishes and happy holidays.
Really great work! I also wholeheartedly approve of going the extra mile on kid's Halloween costumes. The effort and care really shows.<br /> <br /> BTW, I&nbsp;stole one of your photos (of the unmodified shoulder pads) for my Gene Simmons costume 'ible, because they were almost identical to the pads I&nbsp;used, and I totally forgot to take any process photos of my own. I hope you don't mind, and I'll take it out if you'd rather I didn't use it.<br /> <br /> In any case, great costume, and I&nbsp;look forward to seeing what you come up with next.
He looks very mighty indeed! Awesome costume.<br />
That is awesome!&nbsp; 5 stars for sure, I wholeheartedly approve of <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Kid-Sized-Ghostbusters-Costume/">going all out on a kid's costume</a>!<br />
I know! Some people call it living vicariously through your children, but I call it living <strong>vivaciously</strong>&nbsp;through them! BTW, I love your homemade, &quot;um cyclotron&quot; on the child's GB costume.
Fabulous! The slideshow was great, too! :D<br />

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