Step 3: The Armor

Picture of The Armor
I rarely use sewing patterns. I'm too impatient. Instead, I rely on tracing the sections of existing clothing onto my material and then size the garment during assembly. In this case, I used a pair of my son's slightly baggy slacks and long-sleeve shirt as my "patterns" for the armor's sleeves and leggings. I spent a littl mre than I'd budgeted on the sequined fabric, so I only bought enough to make leggings and sleeves (not a full- shirt). Since the blue tunic covers most of the armor, this worked out fine.

I also sewed a series of padded muscles from some of the sleeping bag's filling and the scrap white cloth to make my Thor mightier. Then, I sewed them onto the pair of sweat pants and shirt I'd bought at the thrift store. The fit of the leggings and mail sleeves over these was snug, but acceptable.

I finished off the look of the mail sleeves by sewing a pair of wrist bands. Instead of hook-and-loop tape (my usual closure of choice), I opted to sew a short leather strap and friction buckle to keep the straps closed. The leather and buckle added just the right amount of detail and "finish" to the armor.
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