The Milk Crate Bookshelf

Picture of The Milk Crate Bookshelf
An affordable way to store, move, and display your favorite books.
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Step 1: Step 1: Acquire Milk Crates

Picture of Step 1: Acquire Milk Crates
Locate your favorite grocery store and find some discarded milk crates.  These will usually be hidden near the rest of the waste, in the back of the dairy section, or tucked away into crevices throughout the store.

Step 2: Stack or configure milk crates

Picture of Stack or configure milk crates
Place milk crates side by side, or stacked on top of one another.  Zip-tie milk crates for extra security.  Adorn the top of your new bookshelf by placing decorative objects or artifacts such as cactus statues or candles.

Step 3: Place books on your new bookshelf

Picture of Place books on your new bookshelf
Make sure to choose the books that will impress your friends.  Pictured below is a bookshelf hoping to give the impression of an "intellectual."

Step 4: Disassemble shelves

Picture of Disassemble shelves
Bookshelves can be disassembled and books can be moved to a new location.  The books can remain inside the milk crate, this makes them very easy to transport.