Picture of The Mini PowerBook 100
This Instructable shows you how to turn a nintendo DS or DS lite into a miniature Apple PowerBook 100 from about 1990 with fully functioning mac os7. 
(this is also currently entered in the game.life challenge, so please vote.)

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this project you will need:
1 nintendo DS or DS lite (I am using the DS lite)
1 XACTO Knife
1 sheet of sticky photo paper or computer skin paper
1 R4 DS card with a micro SD card     http://www.r4dsshop.com/
1 Micro SD card reader
A computer
And thats it!
This is awesome
cxt12 years ago
Download link isn't working.
GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
this brings back great memory's such as creating a virus that only affected my computer and it said checking ">+=y on startup... memories
GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
ok how comes noone uses the appachee liscense?
will the program work with a ndsTT card?
I love the skin, brings back some old memories!
wkortum (author)  NathanWilliams4 years ago
Kasm2794 years ago
Personally I would use something a little better than an R4. I have a CycloDS myself but I've heard the AceKard ones are good.
wkortum (author)  Kasm2794 years ago
I really dont know anything about these cards, the R4 is cheap, but whatever floats your boat
Kasm279 wkortum4 years ago
Yeah, its not that the R4 is bad, it just has no support anymore, which really you only need for running ROMs.
blkortum4 years ago
Amazing! So well presented!
hjshin4 years ago
Never would have thought of this - ingenious!! You got my vote!
ggrace hjshin4 years ago
he he lol
compguy2484 years ago
It looks great! I'm definitely going to try this out next weekend.
wkortum (author)  compguy2484 years ago
zack2474 years ago
I have a powerbook 100!
(and a 190)
wkortum (author)  zack2474 years ago