The Mini Vape (Pictures)


Introduction: The Mini Vape (Pictures)

Just some pictures to give an idea of how this is assembled and the inner circuitry. I clamped and soldered solid copper Romex* wire at 12-14 awg to a 325M stainless steel wire mesh. Solder the copper to the S.S. with flux and used silver-based solder. The cover is clear acrylic, the cover's clamp is brass rod, and the lock is a single shotgun shell metal ball - a tiny ball bearing will also work. I wrote a program of the circuitry functions and Newton's thermal law of convection to optimize the screen dimensions for the longest battery life. The screen dimensions allow the battery to heat the screen to about 390 - 400 F steady state and last up to 13.5 minutes. Experiment with screen sizes on your own or do as I did and run the circuit theory calculations.




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    Very pocket-worthy! Does it have good vapor production?

    you dont explaine what kind of battery is used for this build ??? what kind


    How does the heat/current "flow" across the screen. (sorry for vague terms, just trying to grasp the extremes of how this process would work) Like: if the trench/screen was ten feet long, what would happen and how would the placement of the rods matter?

    Can you connect the (-) end of NiMH AA *anywhere*? like could the rod be in direct contact with the battery or does it have to make contact on a small point, etc

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    correction: (-) end of the device. not the battery. can you connect the (-) end of the device anywhere on the battery, is all that matters is that it's in contact, in some way? What are the extremes of that? (if that doesn't make sense, I can clarify)

    good idea but how well does an electrified screen vape? it seems to me you may want to cut it a bit or add some small pwm circuit. overall simple and great! stay green

    can you reupload the diagram again please?? thx!

    can you upload the diagram again?


    I would also like if you uploaded the diagram once again please

    Sorry I seen what you wrote how much and if you give me your pay pal details ill put money in their for you I can work every thing but the light every electric place just send me some were else

    What light can you use to show the vape is working? Like the magic flight?

    Do you use a light or a diode like what the launch box has if so how have you been joining it in the the circuit? I would think you could solider a diode to the two poles and that would work any help would be great cheers Daniel

    So, using a bit of basic geometry and groovy music, I have identified all of the relevant measurements (to a certain degree of inaccuracy).

    The main body of the device (wooden) is 44mm by 68mm. The trench (and therefore uber-crazy electrical dimensions OP was so fond of) as being 35-38mm by 28mm. Oh, and the wires need to be about 17mm apart (assuming you keep the 5mm gap that OP used).

    This is based on the given diameter of a AA battery being 15mm.

    These measurements are approximate to a fairly significant degree- take them with a grain of salt and be willing to alter the final form.

    Also- schematic attached.

    I've used my friend's Magic Flight vaporizer and I think mine works just as well if not better than the MFLB. The bowl is bigger, the entire box itself is smaller in every dimension compared to the MFLB, and the battery lasts longer in my mini vape when using the same capacity battery.
    The best thing about using this vaporizer or any other is that the device is very efficient in the extraction of active herbal ingredients vs. just burning the herbs.

    how did you attach the two halves of the casing?

    It's a device that heats tobacco or other herbs to the point where they release their active ingredients for inhalation without burning and releasing tars and the such like a pipe or a cigarette.