Introduction: The Minifigure (Of Doom).

Picture of The Minifigure (Of Doom).

Some Random Guy: Last night this thing attacked me. It almost killed me! Do not build this!!!!!
Me: Something's wrong with your head. Here, let me help you. *Slaps the guy's head* This is made out of LEGO, and ghosts are fake.
Some Random Guy: That hurt! Hey, I built that, and it's awesome!
Me: Yep, that fixed it. Oh, hi there. Sorry for that, now for the Instructable!

Hello, and welcome to the instructions for my evi- um, I mean awesome creation! Muhahahahaha-*cough cough*

Uh... why are you still reading this? Why don't you read the Instructable?

If you are still reading this, JUST FOLLOW THE STEPS ALREADY!!!!

Step 1: Bits and Peices

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You can't build this without parts. So you need to go get some. Here's the list of the plastic building toys you need:
 >>>**PARTS LIST**<<
x1: Minifig (Who dosen't mind feeling lots of pain) (Pic 1)
x2: Black Hand/Claw (Pic 2)
x2: 1x1 Plate with Vertical Hand (Pic 3)
x3: 1x1 Plate with Horizontal Hand (Pic 4)
x1: 1x1 Plate with 2-Way Knob Thing (Pic 5)
x3: 1x1 Stud (Pic 6)
x1: 1x1 Slope (Pic 7)
x2: Pistol (Revolver, Clone Trooper Pistol, Any pistol that has an angled handle) (Pic 8)
x1: Head with Clip on Bottom, I used the Commando Droid head (Pic 9)
x1: Battle Droid Body (Pic 10)
x1: Hood *Optional* (Pic 11)
x1: Cape *Optional* (Pic 11)

Got e'm all? If so, good for you. Now you get to do the fun part. Onward to the next step!

Step 2: How to Torture a Minifig

Picture of How to Torture a Minifig

Now, some of the parts you need are connected to our bricky little friend here. Sorry, this will hurt a bit...

Step 3: The Legs and Feet

Picture of The Legs and Feet

HALT! You must make this. There is no turning back. The epicness of this minifig will soon be in your possession...

Step 4: The Body

Picture of The Body

This is your next challenge, THE BODY! Pass it, and you can make the next thing.

Step 5: The Arms and Hands

Picture of The Arms and Hands

Make this if you complete it blah blah blah.

Step 6: The Head

Picture of The Head

Make this and BLAH BLAH Whatever.

Step 7: Assembling the Minifigure.

Picture of Assembling the Minifigure.

Now that we have all the parts, we shall assemble our creation!!! MUHAHAHAHAAAAAA! Attatch the head like so in the last pic.

Step 8: Nice Job!



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War pig (author)2013-09-12

How do you attach the head

Jedi_man (author)2012-12-18

Thx for the faves guys :D

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