Step 3: Prime Time

Picture of Prime Time
Next, you'll prime your piano a couple times over. Here's the supplies you'll need, which are part of the prepping process:

  • 1 gallon Zinssser Primer (found at Lowe's)
  • 2" foam brush
  • 150 grit sandpaper
After using your tack cloth from the initial sanding, prime everywhere on the piano you want your color to be with Zinsser Primer, using a foam brush to get a smooth finish. This primer sticks to anything and covers great.

Dry, Sand, and Prime Again

Let the piano dry for the recommended time, then sand all over with 150 grit sand paper. Tack cloth if off then prime and sand again. Priming a couple times makes it so you don't have to paint 8 coats of color. Worth it! Repeat the process again if needed.

*This primer also states that you don't have to sand between coats, but I sanded because of reasons mentioned before.