Step 4: Paint!

It's now time to paint! Yes! Here again is the paint supply list:

  1. 1 qt of sherwin william's interior acrylic latex satin finish
  2. Miniwax polycrylic protective finish
  3. Two foam brushes (2" and 3")
  4. Tack cloth
  5. 220 grit sand paper
To paint your piano, make sure the keys and pedals are taped off. Then you can paint. Make sure to sand in between coats.


Pick your favorite most bright color and go to town, using a foam brush to make it smooth. Use the different sizes of your brushes to cover the areas you need. You could use a high gloss paint, but since high gloss paint is hard for me to control I used an acrylic latex satin finish, and then finished with a glossy protective coat (step to come).


Sand with with 220 grit sand paper in between the color coats, while using tack cloth each time. Wait for it to dry. Do 3 coats, or as needed to get a solid color.

*To paint right above the keys, make sure the back of the keys are taped off. Then, smash the keys down with your arm and use a small brush.
Wow, I looooove it!! I am going to do mine, am totally inspired by yours, it looks so well done. I live in Australia so will see how I go with finding all your gear over here. Thank you. Ele
Would love do try this in teal. Any specific teal paint color suggestions?
<p>Is your piano an actual working piece or just for decoration?</p>
It's an actual working piece! I practice and play on it tons!
<p>I got the clear gloss polycrylic, do you think this will be okay or should I return it?</p>
<p>I would love to hear how it turned out with the clear gloss polycrylic. I am almost done painting and trying to decide on the best protective finish to use.</p>
Hi there! So far, I am happy with the finish I used; it is holding up well to my three kids and I haven't noticed any problems. If you are thinking about using a different finish, however, that would be fine too!
<p>That would be fine! The finish will be a little more shiny than a satin finish, but still look great. I just like the look of a flat or satin finish with any paint, but I'm not the norm. Good luck!</p>
<p>I love this tutorial, thank you! When I went to purchase the Miniwax polycrylic protective finish, the salespeople at my local store were convinced it would yellow over time and ruin the color. (I painted my piano a light blue, not yellow.) Some of the reviews for the product on Amazon suggest the same thing. Have you ever heard of this? Have you used this product successfully with other colors before? I just don't want to ruin the hours of hard work I've put into this project!</p>
Oh no! I haven't heard of the possibility of the finish turning yellow, but based on the reviews you read and those salesman, I would try a different finish just to be safe!
<p>Has the painting effected the tone/ tuning of the piano at all? I'm about to buy a second hand piano which will need tuning but have heard painting them ruins them? </p><p>It looks amazing though, I've always, ALWAYS wanted a green piano! </p>
<p>Good to hear! I haven't heard any difference since painting my piano, and haven't even tuned it yet because it sounds the same to me. Just don't paint the inside and you should be good! ;) Seriously though when I was debating this I couldn't see how painting it would effect the sound (as I had read in a few places as well). I'm glad I painted it and found that it's fine. Also, I think green would be awesome. You'll love it!</p>
Only paint it this way if you never plan to have it tuned or repaired again. If you do, be sure to disassemble the case parts first and only reassemble them when the painting is finished and fully cured.
ii wanna but that beautifull thing
it certainly draws you toward it...maybe result in more playing? Well done!
Yes, exactly! It's been fun.
Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing. <br /> <br />GM
That looks awesome. It's such a bold commitment--I don't know if I could do the same to my piano! <br> <br>But I like it a lot. Good work, and thanks for all the great painting tips.
Thank you :)

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