Step 4: Paint!

Picture of Paint!
It's now time to paint! Yes! Here again is the paint supply list:

  1. 1 qt of sherwin william's interior acrylic latex satin finish
  2. Miniwax polycrylic protective finish
  3. Two foam brushes (2" and 3")
  4. Tack cloth
  5. 220 grit sand paper
To paint your piano, make sure the keys and pedals are taped off. Then you can paint. Make sure to sand in between coats.


Pick your favorite most bright color and go to town, using a foam brush to make it smooth. Use the different sizes of your brushes to cover the areas you need. You could use a high gloss paint, but since high gloss paint is hard for me to control I used an acrylic latex satin finish, and then finished with a glossy protective coat (step to come).


Sand with with 220 grit sand paper in between the color coats, while using tack cloth each time. Wait for it to dry. Do 3 coats, or as needed to get a solid color.

*To paint right above the keys, make sure the back of the keys are taped off. Then, smash the keys down with your arm and use a small brush.