Step 5: Finishing Up

Picture of Finishing Up
Finish the painting process with 2-3 coats of shiny protective finish in clear satin. As you add a coat onto another, the more shiny and less matte it becomes.

Wait the full dry time that's suggested between coats without sanding between. Make sure to wait. My piano has been in the garage for weeks people!

All Finished

Your piano's ready to bring inside! Remove all the tape and make sure it's good and dry.

This bright yellow piano is now my favorite accent piece in my house. It's so shiny, new and smooth. I absolutely love it. I even showed someone and they joked that they wanted to take their senior pictures next to this bad boy (see, I told you it was good).
Tummygirl772 years ago
Wow, I looooove it!! I am going to do mine, am totally inspired by yours, it looks so well done. I live in Australia so will see how I go with finding all your gear over here. Thank you. Ele