Introduction: The Double Sided Modular Altoids Survival Tin

Picture of The Double Sided Modular Altoids Survival Tin

There are Tons of Altoids Survival tins on the Internet but; Mine is Double the Space and is FULLY Customizable ( I will add Velcro later and show you how to add add ons! )

Materials Needed:
2 Altoids Tins
Double Sided Sticky foam
Duck Tape

Time to Assemble:
15 Minutes

Step 1: Set Up and Asembly

Picture of Set Up and Asembly

Place Tins upside down, I have them so the tin flaps will open from the same side. ( Pic 3 )

Press sticky tape on one side of a tin leaving one side of the tape with paper still attached so you wont get dirt or stuff on the foam. Overhang tape a little over edges of tins then trim off with a exacto knife or scissors.
( Pics 4&5)

Remove paper from sticky foam and press tins together. ( Pic 6 )

Line up Duct tape and score a line ( or use a ruler..LOL ) and tear at scoring then wrap tape around the tins a few times. ( Pic 7 )

Step 2: Final Assembly

Picture of Final Assembly

I Placed the sticky foam inside and put a few demo items inside tins and also cut a piece of the tape to hold the small items it.

Well; Thats it, I will post MORE pictures as this project is just getting started, it will have Velcro ALL around it and you will see more to come!!!




1inspirit (author)2013-12-19


evilmadcow (author)1inspirit2014-01-20

what's up this ALL CAPS?

EyeWander (author)evilmadcow2014-01-26

I am not sure who or what you are referring to.

evilmadcow (author)EyeWander2014-01-27

his usage of all caps.
sorry for the confusion, eyewander.

EyeWander (author)1inspirit2013-12-19

Y Thanks, I like simplified too.

Veewee111 (author)2013-12-19

Would not use the tape inside like that. All too soon the adhesive will transfer to the pins making them a sticky mess.
Perhaps velcro strips would do same job without turning pins gooey.

EyeWander (author)Veewee1112013-12-19

Yes and Thank You, The Tape was for Demo purposes. I probably will use your idea and Magnetic tape also.

HickLife (author)2015-06-19

What if you riveted the 2 together? You could start out just like shown and once they are the way you want them drill some holes in it (maybe 1 in each corner and one in the middle of each long side) and then use a hand riveter. Won't be sealed completely unless you calk between them or use something else before riveting but will be good for loose stuff

Fingerprickre (author)2014-06-25

Really Cool Idea!!

Captain MacTavish (author)2014-02-17

Nice idea EyeWander, I gotta hand it to you!

lastoldbat (author)2014-01-10

hmmm... wonder if I could "stack" more than two, possibly by alternating the side which opens....?

maybe you could add altoids smalls containers around the regular altoids?

marcellahella (author)2013-12-21

Cool idea!

EyeWander (author)2013-12-20

Thank you all for leaving your input your ideas are all awesome! I did this as a experiment to see what input I would get from others as I always grab others input to modify my ideas..

So; keep racking up your ideas and I will Gleam from you too!!

SJU87 (author)2013-12-20

sparked my imagination.

you could use JD Weld as previously suggested to permanently "weld" and seal the two together and then use a Dremel tool to cut a hole between the two. This would allow larger items to fit in the case.

this would also be handy for some of the electronic projects in Altoid cases - maybe put a iphone charger and headphone amplifier in one unit?

great concept

ocbeaner (author)2013-12-20

Use a couple of pop rivets

PhilKE3FL (author)2013-12-20

Have you tried using those stick-on magnetic strips on the inside to hold clips & pins? I think they'd last longer & perhaps even work better, as long as they still make pins, clips, etc. of something with iron in it so it holds.

windbag (author)2013-12-19

Why not use super glue or JB Weld to stick the two tins together? I would not put anything (tape/velcro) inside, just pack whatever (first aid, repair kit, fire kit) inside. But I love the idea.

patron_zero (author)2013-12-18

A very cool and practical idea, thanks for posting such !

EyeWander (author)patron_zero2013-12-18

Thank and you are welcome, I read your pm and I am NOT done yet!! more to come.

bricobart (author)2013-12-18

And just when you think you've really had enough survival tin mods there comes this one - nice hack!

EyeWander (author)bricobart2013-12-18

Y Thank You! I try to think bigger than outside the box, that is; there is no box!

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