Last summer with help of my son we built my youngest daughter a green and yellow soap box cart so she could take part in the Trowbridge Soap Box Derby.  This instructable is based on that cart but following orders from the current Mrs GarethMorris it is now being modified in to a simple representation of Chittu Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Fleming so that it can be used by my older daughter in a majorette competition.


Step 1: The First Step

Firstly We had to recover the cart from the garden and this being the wettest winter in the UK for 200 years it needs drying out. So it was placed next to a radiator for a couple of days.
Stuff you need:
1.  Soap Box Cart
2. Red cotton cloth
3. Yellow Cotton Cloth
4. Gloss Black Paint
5. Silver Sticky back plastic (fablon type stuff)
6. Wood Patterned sticky backed plastic
7. Garden canes
8. Wooden kedab skewers
9. Understanding wife

Just to get an idea of what we need to achieve I laid out the coloured cloth on the floor, covered the bonnet with aluminum foil and the wood sticky back plastic over the back of the cart
<p>can i please buy this from you i love this chitty you made it is awsome</p>
Sorry this one went to soap box heaven ?

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Bio: Ship builder professionally, scout leader for fun
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