Hello again and welcome back for our update on our Monster Book of Monsters Instructable! In our past Instructable we presented the steps of creating the exterior of our Monster Book of Monsters. While googly eyes and clay tentacles created a creepy critter, we wanted to elevate our monstrous design by giving our Monster Book of Monsters the gift of movement.

Using products from Digilent Inc.'s Box Monster kit and following the Box Monster Instructable as a guide, we updated some parts and put them all together to make a monstrous, moving, Monster Book of Monsters. So follow us as we embrace the books that many of us came to love with a project that channels the magic found inside us all.

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Step 1: Collect Materials

For those of you who followed our previous Instructable, you may have already completed your Monster Book of Monsters exterior design. If you did not have a chance to make your box yet, don't fret. There is always time to create your box after reading through our mechanical Instructable.

Eventually you will need a completed exterior box design, and the parts that accompany the Box Monster kit found here. These items include:

  • a chipKIT uC32 microcontroller
  • a USB A to mini B cable
  • a GWS servo kit
  • a battery holder that uses 4 AA batteries
  • the 4 AA batteries for your battery holder
  • some breadboard jumper wires (it might help to have red, white, and black colored wires)
  • a 3D printer
  • a small screwdriver
  • craft wire and wire cutters
  • scissors
  • a large zip tie

There are also some optional supplies you may want to find. These include:

  • pliers
  • sandpaper
  • an x-acto knife

Once you have these supplies you can get started working on your updated monster box.

<p>I like how you made the lever for the servo. Had a lot of troubles with a similar issues in my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/OK-to-wake-light-with-automated-clock/">OK to wake projec</a>t. I solved it with some tootpicks, hot glue, nails, ... so your approach is a lot nicer. </p>
<p>We considered a few different ways of solving this issue before choosing a 3D printed method. Luckily everything worked out great!</p>
<p>Haha so cool, looks great =)</p>
<p>Thank you very much!</p>
Yay! I was waiting for this to come out!
<p>Thank you! We had a few more things to complete before uploading the Instructable :)</p>
<p>This is great! Rub the spine</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
Also; great entry into the IoT Invitational
<p>I love it! I have seen monster book props before. But this is the first one that I have seen that will actually try to eat you. Very nice.</p>
<p>Thank you! It was pretty fun to make too :)</p>

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