The Mosaic Pavilion





Introduction: The Mosaic Pavilion

This is a long story about renovating the pavilion in the city park.

I want to start from a dream. You should always follow it, right? I had one. I wanted to make my city brighter. One day I had such opportunity. I decided to renovate one old pavilion, which was almost forgotten. My husband supported me and made all organisation and official work.

What did we do before starting to build:

1. Photo fixation of the place

2. Renovation priject

3. –°oordination with the administration

4. Crowdfunding company

5. Page in social network

6. Find some volunteers support

7. Find free construction and decoration materials.

And after one week we started to build our dream! It was longer that we where expected because the pavilion was quite big. But there was no way back!

1. Delivered half a ton of ceramic tiles in the park

2. Prepared surface for decoration

3. Dismantled the tiles by color

4. Began to spread tile pattern.

Working process attracted attention of passers-by and we have a helpers of different ages. Every one wanted to become a part of the project. I feel that this pavilion becomes very important for people.

We work 10 days from morning till the sun goes down (because at the part was no light). We have almost done with tiles and the and of the work was near...

But when we came to the park next day we found our pavilion completely destroyed! It was real shock for all participants of the project and for me, of cause.

However, there is no a blessing in disguise. This accident has attracted great attention of reporters and about us where written more than 10 different publications and 3 local TV channel where made a report on the pavilion.

Even the had of the city came to visit it and help us.

We decide not to give up. Welcome was to defeat the evil!

We found new materials and spent our own money. In a month we:

1. Changed technology and made tile clay stronger.

2. Did all tile patterns.

3. Paint the ceiling

4. Changed benches

5. Made new roof

6. Renovate the floor

7. Made tiles with logos of our helpers

8. Made a small opening - party

Never give up and you will make world better :)



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What a beautiful transformation!

We wanted to be an example for citizens because we have really gray city (

Beautiful and purposeful project! Tile mosaic is such fun to do.

What a wonderful project to brighten your community.