Hi My name is Patrick from Patrick's Work Shop and today i'm going to show you how I made my most awesome chisel rack ever , lets get started

Step 1:

first you will need some wood I am using a scrap piece I have on hand it measures 1"x 3" and its 30 inches long

you will also need the chisels you want to use on this rack

Step 2:

Lay out your chisels how you want them to be on the rack and get a measurement of the length you will need . I have more chisels than I probably need but i needed a place for all of them ,so mine is 24 inches long your length will vary. Cut off one end to square it up .Then using a tape measure mark your board to length and use a speed square to square up your line

i'm using a Radial Arm Saw but a hand saw or chop saw will do the same thing cut your board on the line

Step 3:

next you will want to lay your chisels out again ,this time put them exactly where u want them on your rack

using a pencil and the chisel to mark the lines on each side of the chisel to define the cut

Step 4:

using your speed square mark all the lines across the board where your dados will be for each chisel

be sure to mark the cut area so u don't get confused where the cuts will be

Step 5:

I'm using my RAS but a table saw or handsaw and the chisel to cut out the waste out will work

I'm cutting only the thickness of the chisels ,I want the chisels to sit flush to the surface so set your saw depth to the thickness of your chisels

Step 6:

after the dados are all cut to fit the chisels tight layout the chisels in there places

you will need a 3 inch wide piece of plexiglass to go over the chisels

mark the length you will need and cut it to size

Step 7:

in this step you will be drilling the plexiglass holes slightly oversized for the screws to fit loosely so the plexi don't crack when you tighten them down

You can do this free hand or in a drill press i used a 5/32 " drill bit to drill the plexiglass

Step 8:

after the plexi is drilled you will want to drill the wood using the plexiglass as a template for drilling the wood

i used a 1/8' drill bit for drilling the wood i drilled a few holes and added some screws to hold the plexiglass in the right spot for drilling the rest adding screws to the ends to keep the plexiglass from bending or cracking

Step 9:

in this step you will add screws to all the holes , i am using pan head screws 3/4 inch but you can use any you have on hand

Step 10:

last step hang up your chisel rack in a good spot and enjoy the most awesome chisel rack ever

Thanks for checking out my first Instructable

<p>Bad to the bone!!!</p>
<p>Really simple, really neat. Thanks for sharing...</p>
<p>Really simple, really neat. Thanks for sharing...</p>
<p>Make sure you leave a little extra room so that the cutting end of the chisel doesn't rest against the wood. It'll keep its edge longer with less contact (obviously) and the gap will keep any minute mounts of moisture off the edge. Great concept!</p>
<p>well done!</p>
<p>thank you was a fun process and build</p>
<p>Great way to keep your wood working tools organized.</p>
<p>thank you </p>
<p>Great work Patrick! :)</p>
<p>thanks Joe thanks for checking out my stuff</p>
This is one awesome chisel rack!
<p>thanks so much </p>
thanks man
<p>Thanks thinking of building one of those in my garage.</p>
<p>awesome to hear thanks for checking out my page</p>
<p>My favourite part of this is your use of recycled materials. I, too, have a stack of old furniture parts and such that are great for small projects like this. I just wish I had seen this instructable before building my tool cabinet (photo attached).</p>
<p>wow your cabinet is awesome ,looks like we both have a few chisels lol </p><p>thanks for checking in </p>
<p>cool stuff Patrick!</p>
<p>thank you sir</p>
thanks Nick for checking out my first instructable
<p>Nicely done, Patrick.Could angle the rack itself or even put horizontal to keep chisels in place. Very clear video and use of features.Thank you!</p>
<p>in the video when i installed the rack if i removed the chisels before mounting it ,the issue of them coming out would have not been a issue ,so on that point i will say they wont just come out or shake loose unless a earthquake happens lol </p><p>thanks for checking out my page and for commenting i really apprichiate it </p>
<p>Perfect, very nicely thought out.</p>
<p>thank you for checking it out </p>
Hey Patrick great rack. There is a few things I think I would have done different . One was when you mounted it you should have angled it just a tiny bit or when you cut the spaces for each one cut them at a little bit of an angle . That way if your doing something with your rack they don't vibrate out.
<p>Nice work Patrick! Good to see the chisels have a new home!</p>
I was going to say &quot;nice rack&quot; but thought better of it. Great idea and when I get home, that's first on my list to do. Great job!
<p>Dude , Thats totally awesome! I like to make stuff too.</p><p>Check me out on youtube mikesdiyprojects&amp;more , lol</p>
<p>I like your chisel rack and it was a <u>great</u> video! I like the acrylic cover so you can see what's there.</p><p>I would make <em>one</em> change though. By cutting all of the dadoes for the chisels at an angle (so the points of the chisels aim downwards) the chisels would be less apt to bounce or vibrate out of the rack.</p>
<p>Thanks for a great project. I'm going on vacation for the next 3 weeks and one of the first things I am going to do on my return is make this chisel rack. I'm the kind of guy who likes to keep things in order but more than that this rack lets me know immediately if there is a chisel missing. Very well made and easy to follow steps using scrap materials I already have. Job well done, Patrick.</p>
<p>Thanks thinking of building one of those in my garage.</p>
<p>Great work and nice video on the process.</p>
Nice idea! I can see one in my shop soon.

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