I lived in Denmark for a few years and one of the best drinks I had while living there was Gløgg. If you want to know how Gløgg is pronounced, go here; then try to say it three times really fast.

Gløgg is a warm holiday drink that not only warms the body but is very tasty too. If you are having a gathering this holiday season, prepare this and your guests will love it. In fact, even if you aren't having a gathering, prepare it; you'll be glad you did. Enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Everything You Will Need

First gather everything that you will need to make this.
  • Crock pot or any other pot you can use to simmer the Gløgg
  • Cheesecloth
  • Whole cloves (one tablespoon)
  • Port wine (about a cup)
  • A bottle of red wine
  • An orange, you will use the peel for zest
  • Raw almonds (blanched or whole) (about a cup)
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Golden raisins (about a cup)
  • White sugar
The wine and port do not have to be of the highest quality because they will be mixed in with everything else.
can't wait to make a batch .. this sounds so tasty
Make a batch and post a pic, I would love to see it.
Thank you for posting this! My family is from Norway and I grew up with this for the holidays. Honey can be substituted for the sugar and gives the glogg a more rich flavour. I use dirt cheap red wine, aka 2-buck-chuck, and can confirm it works just fine. One year, we did a 'Boone's Farm' (for those of you not in the US: An incredibly cheap apple wine that is flavoured and comes in every flavour/colour of the rainbow) "rainbow" of glogg. It was interesting, with the light wines resulting in a much less robust glogg. My only tip: no matter what kind of hurry you're in, don't put it on 'high' or bring it to a boil. The alcohol will boil off, the clove oil will permeate your drink, and your guests will wind up with numb lips and tongues and no buzz to show for it.
I never thought about using honey but it sounds like a nice substitute. I will have to try it. <br><br>Good to know that the Two Buck Chuck can be used too. I agree with your tip, NEVER BOIL!
I may have missed the instruction, but are you supposed to drink the almonds and raisins at the bottom of the glass? Or avoid them?<br><br>Thanks!
Eat them! I actually like to go a little heavy on them because they are really delicious.
A seasonal favourite, nice photos too!
Thanks Mikeasaurus! This is one of my favorites!

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