The Most Basic Paperman

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Introduction: The Most Basic Paperman

This is a really-basic paperman that goes arround me from the last 25 years.

I did it lots of changes, now it is a lot more complex, it can hold banners with messages (I always had one telling something, sitting on my computer's screen at work) and looks a lot more human, but this is the basics you can start with.

Just 13 cuts on the paper, and 10 creases, and it stand of its own or sits as a person.

It becames better with smooth shoulders (cut them quarter a square in diagonal) and with the head slightly tilted, but it means two more cuts and one more bend and now I'm talking about minimuns. May be other day.

I hope it makes you smile! Thanks for your time!



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    I have found this, fits nicely with the whole

    I love it a lot , if someone still finds block paper figures, let us know here please

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    I made it! it looks like I just took it out the computer! thanks infob!

    I like it, and as a stop-motion maker myself, I can see it does have loads of potential. :D

    However, I believe it may be better suited in the "Paper" category, under "Living". :)

    I will try to change it, if I know how.

    And feel free to use it, if you want. What is more, I will post a complete-to-date evolution of the dummy if you want to.

    can you post one of your newer better paper dudes????

    great instructable  .keep ur good work.............. !

    i am, so gonna make this and then post a pic of it