The Most Basic Wool Monster

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Introduction: The Most Basic Wool Monster

As you can see, it is the simplest monster I could make. I used a wool-ball-tassel of an old scarf and two bearings and a little magnet.

By the way... what is the name of the thing? 

Anyway, it is a fun monster and my child love it, so...

Step 1: What We Wear

A thing like a ball of wool (or tassel or whatever the name is).
Two steel bearings.
One little magnet.

Step 2: The Eyes

This is the way you must catch the threads on the wool ball, between a bearing and the magnet, and then with the second bearing.
The magnet should be easily hidden by the threads.

Step 3: The Results

As you can see, they are funny. You can undo it. You can put it a third eye. A little bar may act as mouth. A world of monsters.
Their only defect is that they dump easily by the weight of the bearings, so be restrained or put it a base.

I found a vein of theese balls in an old scarf, so I will make a lot of monsters with spares of toys I have lying arround, but this will remain my favorite, I'm sure!

Thanks for your time!



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    I have computer game called Chuzzle, they look exactly like this, in different colours.
    One question: you have one photo, where you have the beginining shown. But how do you do all the strings round? That's a lot of string! And how do you make the wool soft? Taking all the strings apart?

    Thanks for the information. *Thumbs up*

    These are so cute! I can make them for myself because I have PLENTY pom-pom balls!

    Pom-pom monster. Very cute!

    Thanks for the word.

    It's visually very cute, but as the parent of a 3-1/2 year old, I want to warn you about those little rare earth magnets. They're very strong, and very easy for a child to swallow. A single magnet will pass through fine, though it may cause discomfort.

    However, if the child swallows a second magnet, the two are quite likely to get stuck together, pinching off a section of intestine (a bowel obstruction) or even tearing through the intestine (causing a septic infection).

    There are documented morbidities and fatalities as a result of swallowed magnets (those search results are to peer-reviewed journal articles, not news stories).

    None of this means you shouldn't make the project, but you should be aware of the hazards in order to make informed decisions.

    Thanks for your cares.
    My girl is 6yo so there is no fear about eating things.
    BUT you has remembered me that I didn't explain her the dangers of eating magnets, so I must do it as I did about fire, climbing, knifes, etc.
    Thanks, truly.