Step 1:

First add one source block of water.

Step 2:

Use the hoe to till the soil up to four blocks away from the side of the water source.

Step 3:

Fill in the rest of the the area with a hoe.

Step 4:

Add your desired seed to the farm land, then wait for it to grow.

Step 5:

Once you have completed this you are done but if you would like to see while farming just do one of this two things.

Yes I can take screen shots
Can you take screenshots? It is usually f2 on a pc or alt+f2 on a laptop. I dont know about mac tho :(
You can use this for melons but you just need to put blocks between
Note this farm is only efficient for wheat,carrots and potatoes
This really helps I usually had to use so much water to make a worse farm. I use this one all the time now!

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