Introduction: The Most Pimpin' Hat Money Can't Buy

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How to make a non- spinning paper leslie mounted to your skull or skull protector.

Step 1: Materials.

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You will need:
a hat(don't worry, it won't get ruined)
2 Papers(More Color,More Chix)

Step 2: Rollin'

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Take your 2 papers and roll them into cones.the small end should be around 1/2 inch.

Step 3: Stickin' N Insertin'

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Take your 2 earbuds and jam them in the ends. reinforce w/ tape. tape bottoms together.

Step 4: Hat Attachin'

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Attach cones to hat. durrgh.

Step 5: SWEET!

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You're done! Try dressing like a parrot and blast some Country through these babies screaming you can't stop the future!!! Only a suggestion, though.


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