The Most Simple Chocolate Strawberry Tart Ever!





Introduction: The Most Simple Chocolate Strawberry Tart Ever!

Hi guys!

If you have 15 extra minutes of your time here's a great way to spend them.

Today I prepared for you one of my favourite desserts. It's Strawberry Chocolate Tart.

In step one you'll find ingredients and video recipe I made.

ATTENTION: Just be careful because it's full of calories and really addictive!

Step 1:

You'll need:

1 pack of Oreo Cookies (or McVitie's Digestive if in Europe)

110g melted butter

200g milk chocolate

100g dark chocolate

1 pack of strawberries or other fruit

NOTE: You can refrigerate for 2 hours but for better effect leave it overnight.

Hope you're going to like it. :)

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    Which link is to the actual video? It is nice to have full instructables when possible.

    There is a big YouTube video in step 1, but here is the link one more time.

    Enjoy! :)