The Most Soft and Warm Blanket / Tummy-Time Mat




Introduction: The Most Soft and Warm Blanket / Tummy-Time Mat

The touch and feel mat was designed and made by myself and is a colorful, interactive blanket for babies, toddlers and children who love to touch and feel everything with their fingers.  It is interchangeable and can be also used for a tummy-time mat and to keep the little ones nice and warm in the winter months.

This was made for my niece and she loves to explore the different colors and textures of the blanket.  Her Mom loves that it's interchangeable and is backed with a warm fabric that is also soft to the skin.

Children will use the mat for years to come and its many uses include naptime, playtime, snack time, tummy-time, fun time or just anytime!

a warm, inviting and fun blanket!
stimulating, interactive play area!
lots of textures to touch and explore!
bright, colorful and full of surprises!
soft, comfortable and cheerful!

The blanket/mat is made using an array of colorful and textured fabrics.  Fabrics must be pre-washed before sewing.  Have fun and design your own!



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