Step 10: The Box

Picture of The Box
I don't have much skill in wood working so I was fortunate to find a ready made box at the Dollar store. 

Also, you can get really fancy wooded cigar humidors that make for a great box.

The box you use need only be big enough to fit a battery pack and servo.  The one I used was about 5x4x3 inches.

I removed the latch that came with it.  The lid was carefully cut down the middle and the hinges were move from the back to the side.  A hole for the toggle switch was drilled in the other part of the lid about an inch from the cut side.
Thegaber7775 years ago
 I'm sorry if I missed this, but what do you use for the arm? Have people just been making it themselves? Is there something I could just buy?
Most are making it out of plywood, but some folks have used doll action figure arms.  There's even a furry paw on one!

Don't forget to post a link to your creation.
kenchato5 years ago
Use a plastic finger  =P  more funny.
i think the wooden bar is funnier
mramir5 years ago
The easiest place to find wooden boxes (sometimes for free) is at cigar shops. They often have many different empty cigar boxes in all shapes, sizes and colors.
darichar5 years ago
You can also find boxes like these at an AC Moore, or any other crafts store...
muskogee5 years ago
what store was it? dollar tree , dollar general? thnx!
Frivolous Engineering (author)  muskogee5 years ago
The Dollar Giant Store, but I've seen 'em at others.
maybe not a plastic "finger" and yes this is very useless but for the fun of it being usless rite?