Step 9: Dead Bug Circuit Construction:

Picture of Dead Bug Circuit Construction:
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The circuit has very few parts so instead of making a circuit board or using a prototyping board I just soldered most of the components directly to the appropriate pins on the 555 chip.

This method of prototyping is called Dead Bug construction.  As the name implies, the finished results aren't very pretty and often resemble a dead bug.

You’ll need a fine tipped soldering iron, steady hands and basic soldering skills.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to dead bug the circuit.  Prototyping or perf board can be used for the final circuit, or just keep it on the half-size breadboard that you tested it on.

bio884 years ago
I wonder how hard it would be to make the servo rotate 90, hit switch, wait say, 10 seconds, then rotate/return to home. All initiated by a momentary switch! That would be cool.
Frivolous Engineering (author)  bio884 years ago
A delay would be cool, but I don't know of any way of doing that without using a micro-controller. If anyone does know, please show how.
garrickg5 years ago
i'm trying to troubleshoot my circuit. A big problem I'm having is the battery overheating, and smoking, even when the microswitch is pressed down.
Whizzman5 years ago
Since I couldn't find an answer to this question: How is C1 poled? 
insane26425 years ago

I'm having problems with my servo, it only rotates in one direction.
I haven't modified it, and I can't see any difference between my circuit, and the ones shown here. BTW I am trying to use the 555 circuit, and don't really want to crack open my servo!

Thanks for any help.
kingbling115 years ago
 Mine wont work!!!

I have wired it matching yours (Switch in second configuration) (Pic of second machine) and it simply does nothing when i turn it on!!

I can make the servo wiggle about a bit by connecting pins 2 and 3 together with a probe. I multimeter tested the servo power and its getting 5.5 volts when the batteries are giving off 5.8.

Anybody got any ideas as to why its not working?
 Thanks in advance.
What is C2?

Could you please show how to wire this on a breadboard?
maxximerus5 years ago
Hey, I've got a question.

I'm trying to build one myself. Ordered all the parts to make the circuit first. But now I'm wondering. The 555 has got 8 pins. 4 on each side. How do I know which pin is what? There are no numerbers what so ever on it.

When It's done I'll post a video of it. Just have to make it work first. haha.
There will be a small dot on the top of the 555, that will be the number one, pins facing down, left side, from there it goes 1234 and from the bottem up right side 5678. hope that helps...Ray
jazzluvr5 years ago
my servo is only turning a 1/4 turn, everything looks right - even rewired twice to double check... same result.

any suggestions?
This is probably something i'm going to have to figure out myself because of my wiring but i'm curious if anyone can tell me the deal...

Everything is wired up perfect, exactly like Sask's schematic. Checked 40 times over...and for some reason it works with and without the micro-switch.

when the microswitch is in its normal up position and the toggle is hit, the servo rotates up, then the toggle is hit again and it goes back to where it was. it also works like it should in the instructable. hmm

It's not really problem im just curious if anyone knows the reason.
ok, Awesome instructable, thanks for the inspiration!
Heeeeeey... hi. im only 12 and, kind of new to all this stuff, have little supplies and a very low budget. my biggest problem is the whole soldering thing, is there some way i could dead bug it without a soldering iron? Or is there some other method i could use that does not require soldering?
Child of Strife-- childofstrife@gmail.com

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beware875 years ago
I have a question about the servo it has 3 wires 1 black(i supose is for the -) 1 red(for the +) and 1 white (i supose for the conection 3 of the servo) am i correct?
 Yes. The black will go to ground, 1 on the 555 chip, a yellow, which should go to 3 on the 555 chip and a red which should go to pin 4.

(Sorry, another stupid question coming...) Can you tell me where the black wire for the servo goes to on the 555? I can't see on the picture...