I call this project "The Motivational Moody Workout T-Shirt" . Basically what I wanted to do was a t-shirt that makes you want to get out in the open and work out. To make that work, I sewed a LilyPad arduino onto a t-shirt and powered it with a solar panel. Then I connected a bunch blue LEDs in smiley face patterns to the LilyPad board and finally a ball tilt sensor. So for it to work you have to be outside in daylight. By doing that you turn on the LEDs that are forming a sad smiley face, :(, and one you start moving (preferably running) the ball tilt sensor will sense the movement and thereby make the happy smiley face, :), appear.

The first picture show the front with the LilyPad Arduino, LEDs, Tilt ball sensor and the sewing i.e. finished project. The second picture shows the solar panel on the back. The third picture is a small sketch from my original notes.

Step 1: What You Need...

For this project I used the following components,

LilyPad arduino
FTDI breakout board
Conductive thread
LilyPad LEDs
LilyPad PCBs
Ball tilt sensor
Solar Panel
Sewing kit
White T-shirt
Soldering machine and solder
Arduino software
Fritzing software

Most of these things can be found at,

http://www.sparkfun.com and

Sweet!!<br>I'm gonna make one that senses mood via a pulse monitor and shocks you when your in a bad mood. Then, I'm going to give it to my girlfriend.<br>Awesome instructable.
ummmm.....I'm gonna need the plans for that when you are done!
Amazing!!! That's the kind of thing we need on the dancefloor, starting right now!! <a href="http://vsyakoyako.ru">-)</a>
This fantastic project was made as part of the Tangible Interaction course in <a href="http://dms.du.edu">Digital Media Studies</a> at the University of Denver.
this... is totally flippin awesome. <br>can you make one to inspire me to lift weights?
That's awesome.

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