The Motorized Led Bolas Of Doom is a simple POV (Persistance Of Vision) toy that I made last night.

By connecing two small leds hooked up to a motor by wires you get two rather wobbly glowing rings floating in the air. See the video in the last step.

As I live on the 3'rd floor (the first floor with appartments) in a 12 storey building I have a huge private terrace wich, by accident or by just out of plain laziness, the other tenants in the building sometimes happen to drop stuff onto. On the 10'th floor there's an obnoxious little toddler that likes to throw stuff out of their balcony door. Usiually it's hit mothers perfume bottles and things like that, but somtimes his toys goes the same way. (Maybe it's his mother punishing him for throwing her stuff out of the balcony..) Yesterday a small electric toy car crashed down to our terrace. The body were smashed into several pieces but the motor was intact so I decided to actually try to make some use of the freebies they are kind enough to give us. And after some pondering I came up with the idea of this instructable :-)

I had all the other stuff on hand in my junk box. Two old battered leds, an old battery holder from a broken christmas tree decoration, some wires, and the white plastic thing was a part from an old RC-servo. The only new thing I used was the 3 volt button cell for the leds.

Step 1: What You Need

*A small toy motor
*A small circular plastic disc
*Two leds
*A 3v button cell battery
*Batteries for the motor
*...and a box to hold them
*40-50 cm of tiny insulated wires
*Some glue
You know, you can just make some LED throwies and stick them to a ceiling fan. Sleepy night&nbsp; make feel nice.<br />
i carry pepper spray nah just kidding i ma guy but i made one with blue and red and it looks awesome
i don't know why she didn't at least mace him. lol. nice job btw. good explanations and step dividement.
That's so cool! Awesome Instructable, you did it very neatly.
hehe u have a bucket on ur head u look like a *amazing* guitar player :P anysways i may try this out :)<br/>
nice, but not bolas....... in any way really, for a start most if not all bolas had three weights :D
Cool, I saw something similar to this... at least I assume they put it together as you did. It was an interactive art piece where they had a whole ceiling covered with these randomly spinning LED's, it looked crazy. I probably saw it on <a rel="nofollow" href="http://we-make-money-not-art.com/">http://we-make-money-not-art.com/</a> but I cannot remember where. <br/>
It's only a bolas when you throw it at something - try aiming for the toddler ;-)
Hmmm, yes, that's true. Maybe I should call it "The Motorized Unthrowable Bolas Of Doom" :-)

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