Picture of The Muffin Funnel
I like to make muffins, but I hate the bits of batter that spill on the pan. They burn and make the oven smell bad, and they are hard to clean. Here I describe a novel use of a canning funnel to direct muffin batter into their cups without spillage.
A further application is for applying streusel or other dry topping to muffins.

Here's a convenient video!

Step 1: Use a Canning Funnel

Picture of Use a Canning Funnel
A wide canning funnel fits exactly into a muffin cup. 
nascat1 year ago
so smart, yet so simple
MonkiMan1 year ago

thats genius. how have i never know of this :D

This is so smart I can't handle it! Even after years of baking I still make a huge mess every time. :P

BayRatt1 year ago

That is so clever!

Good Idea!