Picture of The Muffin Funnel
I like to make muffins, but I hate the bits of batter that spill on the pan. They burn and make the oven smell bad, and they are hard to clean. Here I describe a novel use of a canning funnel to direct muffin batter into their cups without spillage.
A further application is for applying streusel or other dry topping to muffins.

Here's a convenient video!

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Step 1: Use a Canning Funnel

Picture of Use a Canning Funnel
A wide canning funnel fits exactly into a muffin cup. 

Step 2: Spoon in the Batter

Picture of Spoon in the Batter
You can add batter, and even adjust the level afterwards. The funnel holds the paper muffin cup in place, even with a sticky batter.

Step 3: Add Dry Topping

Picture of Add Dry Topping
A clean funnel can be used to add a dry topping (pecan streusel is shown here) or fruit.

Step 4: Muffins!

Picture of Muffins!
We're done!
nascat1 year ago
so smart, yet so simple
MonkiMan1 year ago

thats genius. how have i never know of this :D

This is so smart I can't handle it! Even after years of baking I still make a huge mess every time. :P

BayRatt1 year ago

That is so clever!

Good Idea!