Step 3: Head

Time to get out the peach construction paper.  After making the pirate I realize a template laid out might be easier than one that had to be cut on fold .

If you like you can draw around the template then cut, I however just hold the template in place then cut away.  Do whatever you are comfortable with.

Cut our your template and get your glue ready.  On the template you will see a line to place glue to.  (the smaller dotted lines).  I fold the paper on that line then place the glue.

I glue the top part of the head together, again I used a paper clip to hold it in place.  Then glue the neck area together.  Again use a paper clip to hold it in place.

Note: It does not matter what color you choose to use for this part, just remember whatever part of the skin is showing should be the same color during the entire project.  For this 'able I used peach.
I so appreciate your interest. I did make a chef and adapted it but was not satisfied with it. Mainly because my grand daughter is more like the blonde girl than anything so I might make a girl, dress and all, then use black and white check for an apron and a check bakery hat. Like a round pill box hat. I can't wait i'm re-inspired.
He is so cheeky, I love him. My grand-daughter is a pastry chef here in Australia and I hope to adapt this and little girl to look more like a female chef. (she hasn't got a moustache) Ha! Ha! Here's hoping. If you have any ideas I would be very grateful They all wear black and white check pants with a polo type top in white with a black collar and a large white apron.
Check out the paper craft I did with the little girl, I think you could easily add hair to make this chef female :)
Wow! I didn't scroll down until just now. Your other characters put a big smile on my face too. Sure wish i was a student in your class
YAY! Always glad a smile springs up! In good news your student can be sorta in my class by using my instructables. :) Always happy to help you out if you get stuck as well. Thanks for checking me out!
Ever Cool! Thanks for sharing
I'd love to see some pics of a small child making one of these. Show us that even kids can do it. (Because I am terrible at papercraft and need an even-kids-can-do-it kick in the pants to gain the confidence to start.)
Oh and <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/wilgubeast/" rel="nofollow">wilgubeast</a> You could create anything I've posted in paper craft so far.&nbsp; If you think it would help I can make templates even for the hair. :)&nbsp; I like to make art accessible and have people be successful. I won't say something is easy if its hard, I don't like to burst peoples bubbles.&nbsp; If I have some times I'll video me creating one, that might boost your confidence. :)
Not a problem, I can see if I can get that accomplished. :) This is not a real young child project unless you pre-cut all the paper, and even then the mortar skills may not be there. I would say the ideal age to use this with a child would be 7 or 8 to start. For sure by 10, this is something that can be accomplished. I'm using this in my classroom next year with 3rd and 4th graders and at a summer camp this summer. I will see if I can borrow a child and have them create this and take pictures. What I would suggest for teachers is to use their smartboard to display the instrctions and every child have a copy of the pattern. It could be printed out on card stock. Then they could go step by step putting the paper craft together. The great thing about it being on instructables and in a step by step, you can easily go back if someone missed a step. Of those I've made thus far (and there are more to come I made the green goblin last night but I need to take him apart and make templates) I would say the girl is the easiest. However, currently the pirate is my favorite....but that said I'm fond of the chef too. I was thinking about giving him a big fork or spoon lol. Another fun thing to use these for would be cake toppers. Instead of paper one could use the thin foam you find at craft stores or big box craft areas. I might make one using that and post it as well. I did get asked just today if I would make some for a colleges classroom as book characters for them to hold and act out stories, so I have some templates to tweek and create for those. I promise to post those as well. :)

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