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Introduction: The Multi-format Clock - Gift Contest

I tend to have good ideas when I don't need them but when I need them I always face the black wall of no inspiration. I had to come up with an idea for a present for Jeff-O. After a long week without inspiration, I came up with this:

A multiformat clock.

It displays time in:

Binary 3 collums
Binary 6 collums

It can be powered by USB or wallplug and has a backlight tha slowly changes from red to blue and back.

I will try to write an instructable about it soon for all those that are interested in more details!



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Woooo. this is super Cool. where can i buy this witch is already made?.


I only build one and I gave it away to Jeff-O. SO they are not for sale.

The clock arrived on Friday and it looks great!! I've got it tucked between my printer and monitor, where it adds a cool glow to my desktop. My 1-year-old son is mesmerized by it, too. I'm looking forward to the Instructable when you get the time - I've got some 8x8 LED matrices kicking around that could be used to make more of these!


I am very happy that you like it. It clearly took a long time to reach you. can you sent me some pics or vids of it working on your desk. I hope to have some time soon to make a second one and write an Instructable about it.

Awesome job! Please make an instructable, I would love to make something like this :)

Wow, I'm blown away! Also, a very lucky guy! This will take a place of prominence in my office or workshop. It's a good thing I can read binary and hex. Definitely publish an instructable when you get a chance; I'm sure plenty of folks will want to make one, too.

Nice Man! Do the instructables... if i have time i'll try to build one of this.