Step 5: Time to bring this animal to life.

Picture of Time to bring this animal to life.

Step 5:

I had mapped out roughly were the top of the hair line would be by this point so that it didn't hang down over the eyes too much!

1. To create the teeth i just used some left over foam (nothing gets wasted here!) and cut them in to the shape until they resemble that of Animals. I also painted them white although the more i worked on the mask while they were attached the paint started to cracked here and there which actually gave it more of a real look. To attache them to the mouth i just sewed them to the mask behind the lip.

2. For the Eyes again i took some left over orange felt which i glued to the bottom of them to create an eyelid. I first however painted them white giving them about 3/4 coats to really give them an unreal look, then glued on two circular black felt eyes which i had cut out earlier. To get the shine on them i used clingfilm tightly wrapped around each eye, although I'm sure there maybe other ways to achieve this. I attached the eyes to the face by super gluing the bottom eyelid that i had attached directly to the mask. It takes a bit of doing get the right position for the eyes, but just keep movin' them about holding them in with needles until you are happy.

3. For the eyebrows i cut a feather boa in half and bent the cut stripes in half again to thickin'. I then sewed on each eyebrow just above each eye, sewing directly onto the mask. I only added like one stitch either side of the eyebrow so that the feather boa had some room to move about and give that crazy Animal look.