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What is it :  A Solar Powered 2.0 (upgradable) stereo system in the powerful and intimidating shell of a tank!

Why : I play for my schools ultimate frisbee team and we are away most weekend at                       tournaments, our tournaments start in the early hours of the day and don't stop
          until early evening.  Soo last year over winter break I began work on what would                     become the MusicTank

Portable music for your outdoors sports team!

            Make an entry at the next BBQ or block party!

                                  Bring your music with you to any outdoor activity!

Step 1: Materials





Tape Measure


Wire Cutter/Stripper

Soldering Iron

Right Angle


-2 X 3 s


-1 X 3 Furrowing Strips, 10'


-3/4" Plywood, 2 sheets 


-Box of ten penny nails

-Liquid Nails multi-purpose heavy duty adhesive (Lots! I used this to combat the friction and shock of driving the tank off-road)
Set of Radio Flyer wagon wheels

-Metal T Supports

-Metal Frame Supports:
     Flat (x 8)
     90 degree (x 8)

-2" x 3" Metal Hinges (x 4)

-Front and Back wheels from a Radio Flyer wagon*


8 Ohm speakers (for quality of sound, could be better if your wallet allows)

Small 12v DC 40-60watt Amplifier Must be compatible with speakers
i.e. if you hook up a 4 Ohm system to 8 Ohm speakers your gonna have a bad time ( there are many out there but an important thing to remember is stock car stereos run off of 12 v car batteries and tend to have a higher quality of sound for price if you can find one)
12v-24v Solar Regulator

12v Battery at least 18Ah

Solar Panel-----> the one I used is 15v at 4.8 watts but any panel that is designed to trickle charge a car battery will be fine.  The more powerful the panel, the more the load is dependent on it; and therefore less dependent on the battery, this allows for faster and more efficient charging of the circuit

This is the exact one I used in the Mk. II Music Tank it fit the trunk of the tank perfectly

FatesClown4 years ago
Is this the same one that was on an episode of JUNKies recently?
IllegalFun4 years ago
I love the idea of a portable music system...

reminds me of the film "Kelly's Heroes"
Elian_gonzalez (author) 4 years ago
some changes need to be made i will make them official soon.

a bigger battery is needed if you want to pump up the jams for more than 6 hours


Amps drawn by stereo system is A = W / V
44 / 12 = 3.66 amps drawn by stereo

-solar panel draws 1 amp an hour so when in sunlight the system will only draw 2.66 Amps

-our battery currently is pumping out 12 V with a capacity of 18 Amps

now 18 amps bearing a load of 2.66-3.66 Amps only supplies enough power for 5-6 hours max WHEN FULL. Like me you wanna be jamming for all the daylight hours, rest assured I am on the case

Solution 1 (a): hack the current manufactured panel to increase the Amps put out and consequently the output Watts
(b) create my own PV panel with a custom output voltage and amperes

Solution 2: Get a bigger battery to buffer the charging battery with the load required per hour (one with more amps anything higher than 35 Amps offers greater than 11 hours of music from the tank.

Sincerly Elian_Gonzalez
acapoccia4 years ago
would liven up any game------go Music Tank!
admh4 years ago
very clever.......could be used for picnics, sports events, advertising....good hiding spots for 'stuff'
Elian_gonzalez (author) 4 years ago
Haha so much room.
Baldwins4 years ago
Is there room for the beer?
dsamdperil4 years ago
very creative, eyecatching and practical!
smessud4 years ago
Pretty fun and very well detailed.
Just add a standard can dispenser through the gun, and it will be the BBQ best friend.
garby4 years ago
awesome! see you in a couple days!